Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tips to Reach & Win Over New Fans

When it comes to Major Labels and them investing in to an up and coming Artist they tend to spend a lot of money on "shotgun" marketing. They promote the artist and material to target a segment of the population (which is usually millions of people), knowing that only a small percentage will be interested enough to respond and become fans. This widespread tactic often works well enough to sell a lot of CDs and concert tickets - but it is very expensive.

Realistically, underground artist can't afford "shotgun" marketing. You have to find effective, low-cost ways to go directly to your one-in-a-thousand fans. Here are four simple steps you can take to reach and win over new fans:

1. Define Your Distinct Musical Identity -
Have a firm grasp on what your music is about. What sets you apart from other acts? What attitude or social statement do you make? Being an R&B or hip-hop act won't do it. You need to dig deeper and discover your uniqueness. When you finally reach your rare potential fans, don't lose them by not being clear about your music identity. If you can't readily tell someone exactly what motivates your music, take the time and focus on this step.

2. Describe Your Ideal Fan
Once you know who you are musically, it is time to figure out your ideal fan. How old are they? How do they dress? Where do they live? Where do they work? What TV shows do they watch? What do they do to relax? Who are their cultural hero's? Pay close attention to the types of people who come to see you perform and take notes about what they have in common. If you know exactly who your fans are, you will be able to decide which avenues you use to reach them and how you communicate your message once you do reach them.

3. Determine How to Get Access to Your Fans
Once you know exactly what type of music fan you need to go after, make a list of the resources and venues these specific people are attracted to. What magazine and newspapers do they read? Where do they hang out socially? What radio stations do they listen to? What retail outlets do they frequent? What web sites do they surf to? What e-mail newsletters, blogs and pod casts do they subscribe to? Make list of the gold resources you find.

4. Network and Promote Your Music
Get busy and use your targeted list of contacts and resources. Send e-mail press releases to niche media outlets. Make contact with the webmasters and editors of appropriate publications. Post messages and comments in specialized forums and on blogs. Visit and interact via web sites of similar-sounding bands. Contact organizations and charities related to your music niche.


I sincerely hope you readers are taking note of this - know it sounds corny to say do research and learn your fan base but I promise it is needed. A friend told me yesterday that Beyonce was washed up - I pointed out to him that he is a complete hip hop/ neo soul black male over the age of 25 and that Beyonce's music isn't geared towards him so of course he is going to feel that way. You can't please everyone in the world but there are a host of them that will appreciate your music if they are just like you!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT POST. Very useful!!

THE fly GIRL said...

I think this could apply to the blog world as well. The approaches now are so similar. Ya know?

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