Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Seminar: Producer S1 To Host Online Webinar

Producer SymbolycOne (S1) to host Online Seminar for Industry Talent on November 28, 2011.

Future Music Industry presents Online Chat with S1. Basically, an online Worldwide Seminar for people interested in knowing more about the music biz. S1 will share lots of information and also provide Q&A at the end of the seminar. Please register today . Tickets are only $45.00 - The information that will be provided is valuable. For those that are familiar with S1 and his feedback already know that he does provide great information.

Platinum selling Hip-Hop Producer, Symbolyc One (“S1”) of Soul Kontrollaz, Inc (SKP INC) has teamed up with Solano Music Group, Inc. to host a one day Online Seminar on November 28, 2011 for producers seeking additional knowledge as to “how to become a Successful Music Producer”.

The Online Seminar with caters to up and coming Producers, Engineers and Songwriters who want to learn from a highly sought out producer. Hosted by Solano Music Group’s, Francis Yango, the web based seminars identify and discuss today's biggest industry topics, providing you with information on what is trending right now, helpful tips and tools and useful techniques and solutions that will aid aspiring talent with information as to getting to the top of today's music business.

Aspiring talent may expect to learn:

· Four keys to becoming a successful music producer
· How to protect your music
· Negotiating deals for your music
· S1's process of creating platinum selling music

There will also be a 10 minute Q & A session with S1 where persons can ask questions following the lesson plan.

Interested parties may register at è

About S1:

To date, S1’s most known produced track is Kanye West’s, “Power” off of Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” in 2010 – a track he co-produced with Kanye. Most recently, he scored it big with the co-production creation of Beyonce’s, “Best Thing I Never Had” on her “4” album, followed by the production credit on Jay Z’s & Kanye West’s, “Watch The Throne” album with “Murder to Excellence”.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Artists: What NOT Do On Social Networking Sites

I must apologize from my straying away from something that was once so important to me - life has a way of pulling you away and distracting you with other accomplishments and the little things are overlooked; Music Marketing 101 has been overlooked! My little blog may not be much but many of the people I have featured as an "Artist To Watch" were featured here first, including The New Boyz, Chris Classic, WISH, Producer Dawaun Parker (Longtime Dr. Dre Production Team Member @DawaunParker Readies EP 10/20/10) Bertell and Kevin Ross. Lately I've sorta turned the blog into a Diggy Simmons blog without even knowing, lol!

Tonight I was inspired to write a post on Music Marketing and Social Networking - What Artists Should NOT Do....A friend reached out to me with some tips and not to share his complete idea, I just want to point out things I would never suggest an artist does while trying to networking with persons on social networking sites.


Personal Messages to friends: This is not suggested. Although your personal friends should be your biggest supporters if life were perfect, truth is, some of them have NO interest in what you are doing. It's not anything personal, it could be them not having the time to really sit back and listen to everything or just simply not interested for their own personal reasons. What then happens is, you're sending them all of these messages and they're getting alerts on FB, which some may use just to log in here and there and not how you use it, and they're annoyed by you - they consider you a pest. Stick to the Fan Page. Sending one message inviting them to join the Fan Page is okay. Be sure to never assume that they saw your status updates because again, not everyone uses FB as you do and newsfeeds are not always read. I repeat ONE MESSAGE alerting them of your Fan Page is fine. If they don't join, they just don't join. They possibly do not care to have the messages and alerts that come along with being supportive - it doesn't mean they do not care.

Daily Status updates and encourage friends to do the same - Encourage NOT harass!


DM people - NO! This leaves for an awkward situation. You're corning and pressuring them to support. They may have possibly overlooked a tweet or two about your new project but as much as we like to think people sit on twitter all day and read EVERY tweet on their timeline, its not possible (even for the Mayor *smiles*). Contacting people and being social/casual works best. Which leads me right into the next thing on the list.....

@ People - DO NOT SPAM THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLE! Your timeline should NOT read a page full of tweets with you "mentioning" people and your link following. Starting up a conversation that leads into you sharing your music is the best option. You'll walk away from the conversation with at least "I'll check it later".

Encourage people to RT - Encourage NOT harass!

Hopefully the tips will help out. For reference of other postings and tips: MusicMarketing 101: Building The Right Fan Base - Interviews - Tips to Reach New Fans - Networking 101 - **Five Things NOT to do** - Digital Distribution - So You Want to Get on Radio - Copyright Your Work!! - Professionalism: Bloggers vs Artists

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons - Thinkin Bout You & Oh Yeah

Diggy Simmons x Thinkin Bout

Diggy Simmons x Pharrell Williams x Lupe Fiasco

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Artist To Watch: K Michelle

Gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated video debut, Jive Records/D2 Music Management recording artist, K Michelle's single, "I Just Can't Do It" has secured a spot on the urban charts as the number two most added Urban Record of the week.

With continued progression of the single, D2 Music CEO, Delante Murphy, has been teasing the internet with sneak peek clips of the video, set to release soon.

Download "I Just Can't Do It"
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@KMichelleMusic on Twitter / /

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