Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Mix-tape: Bertell - Chocolate Citty

I know my Buddy think I have left him hanging but I've really just been ripping around all week and haven't gotten around to listening to his new mix-tape; YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, B!

I try to look out for good people, and Bertell is no exception. The Houston bred artist moved to ATL because the scene is so cold hearted here, I've always had his back since we met and I won't stop now!

Dropping his Chocolate City Mix-Tape last week, the R & B crooner is under the watchful eye of mega hit producer, Bryan-Michael Cox. With all of the rap hitting the scene lately, it's refreshing to have some quality R & B music to listen to.

I recall when I first met Bertell he came to the Mall that I worked for, Sharpstown, and was hanging with the radio jocks & other persons of similar credentials, like he was someone important (lol). I later invited him to do perform at a Block Party we were having in the mall, my 1st time seeing him I was impressed with his vocals & stage pressence. *side note* Did I mention that B has one of the best wrapped Suburbans ever? lol

Look for Bertell's, Go Hard, album dropping sometime this year. In the meantime, check out Chocolate City, as well as his single, She Bad Ft Bun B. Follow him on twitter, @YoungBertell, sometimes he goes LIVE on JustinTV - Be sure to hit him on MySpace too -


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