Saturday, March 14, 2009

Artist To Watch: New Boyz

If you're on Twitter or just follow Diddy in general life, chances are you viewed the video of his son Christian, and cousin, Roxy dancing. I thought the video was very cute and dope, but the song they were dancing to interested me more - that sh*t goes HARD! lol! I found myself pop locking, getting hyphy and whatever have you to this joint; I had to track down the Artists! Allow me to introduce, New Boyz!

Talented duo in Los Angeles, California, recently made the charts as Number 1 Unsigned Artist in California, on MySpace. Currently working on their new mixtape, "Skinny Jeans and a Mic", Legacy and Ben J have a hit on their hands with "You're A Jerk".

You're A Jerk - New Boyz

For more information and music for The New Boyz, visit their MySpace page -

Check out Christian and Roxy doing their thang! PTwitty TV

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