Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Artist To Watch: Kevin Ross


My sister had me check out this young cat, Kevin Ross about 2 months ago, immediately his Mario like sound intrigued me (everyone knows I am the biggest Mario fan ever in life, ha). I think I stayed on his page for a good 30 mins - his sound and energy is so genuine. Further listening to him his sound is like a young Usher - now I'm REALLY excited, lol. Did I mention he is still unsigned?!?! He plays the piano as well - Clive, its time to jump on him! We all know you love Artists of his caliber

Artist Bio:

Originally from Washington D.C., Kevin Ross has the next meaningful voice of this generation. Kevin's rich tone, creative run ideas, youthful look and piano skills, humbly places him into the category of some of the greatest performers of all time. As a trained vocalist and performer, his engaging stage presence and personality gives him the edge, while industry insiders find the freshness of his voice to be something special, comparing him to artists like Stevie Wonder and the late great Donnie Hathaway. To top it all off, he's extremely charismatic and a true gentleman. Kevin currently resides in Boston, where he is a Songwriting major at Berklee College of Music.

The reason I decided to blog on him today was due to a new song he added - Yes We Can. My sister texted me this morning and told me to check out her new music on her MySpace page. I saw the title and saw something about 106 & Park under it - I rolled my eyes. I honestly didn't even turn my speakers up to listen as I checked out her page further. Looking through her top friends, I thought I'd hit up Kevin Ross' page since I hadn't been there in a minute - too my surprise he has a song called "Yes We Can" - ha! So now I'm interested, LOL. MAN OH MAN! I can honestly say that this song is sooooo moving - a straight tear jerker song! lol. So of course I added it to my page, which is unlike me due to it being a slow song & I normally have upbeat music (like anything on Raphael's new album) but MAN! I had to do it!

Track list of his other MySpace songs:

- The lyrics alone are on the level of John Legend's "Ordinary People" - VERY relate able. Not to keep putting him in the Mario box but I can so hear "Like Me Real Hard" all up in it!

Adore You - You can't help but clap you hands and bust out some Chris Brown routine to this joint! He's extra playful on this track - showing major personality.

So Incredible - Awesome album track - he really channeled "Ursher". It's a great appreciation of your girl song. It's soulful - very blues inspired.

What You Do To Me - Another possible album track. Not one of my favs but it can easily grow on me. His sound is once again like Mario.

John Legend, Mario, Chris Brown and Usher are all on Sony - I think it's time to add Kevin Ross to the camp, LOL.

FYI - yes he was on 106 & park, the video footage has been removed due to come copy right bull crap - they are getting out of hand w/ this stuff, lol. But he did do his thang on BET!! I wish him much luck with his career!


MySpace: www.myspace.com/kevinrossmusic
Mgt Contact: TimT@hammerheadproductions.net

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