Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chopped & Screwed by The Source....

So I get an email from this guy BassMan75, I recently did an interview for him via digiwaxx for The Source. Now, I was HIGHLY aware that it was FOR The Source, so actually saying the interview is FOR The Source or The Source interviewed him, I'm okay with; its the scrolling tot he bottom and seeing "Interview by: Reenae Alexander" REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? My personal writing and someone else takes CREDIT for it?? REALLLYYYYY? wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

The Source, Chopped & Screwed version w/ his music! Below is the REAL interview :/

Picture this, US Hip Hop getting married to Overseas Hip Hp and produces a son; and Bassman75 is what they call him. Born in Luanda, Angola a southern country of Africa and fluent in six, yes SIX, different languages, Bassman is the youngest son of 8 brothers and 2 sisters, raised by a Preacher.

Digiwaxx recently caught up with the ethical rapper/producer/songwriter/African gospel chorale base vocalist to become acquainted with him and his upcoming project. He is seeking to have the Nation become familiar with his style and, do we dare say swag? Yeah, he is worthy for the title of someone with Swagger, after all, we said he speaks SIX different languages. Maybe you aren’t feeling us because we haven’t told you he also raps in FOUR of the six. See! Now you’re with me!!

DigiwaxxMedia: Nice to finally catch up with you. Where do you currently reside right now? I see you’re calling from an international number.

Bassman75: Right now I am in Europe, originally from Africa but currently residing in Europe.

DWM: Oh okay, so are you ever in the States?

BM: I’m always in the States; I go back & forth a lot. I enjoy traveling and do a lot of it.

DWM: Where are you when you’re in the States?

BM: I used to live in Vegas but when I come back now I’m either in Vegas or Minneapolis. I’m in New York sometimes but my Management team is in Minneapolis so I’m out there most.

DMW: I guess that poses the next question, how did you meet your Mgt team?

BM: I put out a mixtape years ago in New York and Jesse James got his hands on it and reached out to me. He liked what he heard and we have been working together for 3 years now. We’ve been pushing realy hard overseas and it’s time to hit the States market. I just got back from a tour in Africa.

DWM: The Africa tour was an HIV/AIDS awareness tour, right?

BM: yes, we worked with organizations and groups to try and help people in Africa with AIDS/HIV and threw free concerts with the effort to help. The concerts were sponsored by Sprite, Coke and a few others; they gave money to help with the cause. I try to help out as much as possible because I am from Africa, so I feel it is my job to help out and find other people to help. Whenever I visit Africa I always bring medicine, clothes and food. It’s a sad situation and it’s real painful to see. 300 million people will die in the next 10-20 years, it’s time to help. Those in power should be doing more and be more concerned about these things; the struggle continues.

DWM: That’s deep! I understand you speak six different languages, what are they?

BM: French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and Kin Kongo, my native language.

DWM: And you rap in four of the six?

BM: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Sometimes I will rap in Kin Kongo. I’ll say something in a different language, something small, and then rely it in English.

DWM: Are you working with any big named Artists on your album and what about producers?

BM: I haven’t really collab’d with any known artists because I want to make a name for myself first. I don’t want to win off of anyone else’s name. I’ve been working with producers in Europe and ATL. I want to be different, “Jamaican Grind” is my first single and I’m looking to make it crossover track.

DWM: Any up and coming shows?

BW: I have a States tour in March, as well as a European tour in the works. I’ll be doing shows in African around the time the album drops in February.

DWM: Okay, hit me with some closing remarks and honorable mentions.

BM: Jesse James, my Manager and One on One Distribution in Arizona. I want my fans to know I am still here and I’m working on pushing real hard. I plan to do it BIG in 2009.

DWM: That’s what’s up! It was a pleasure!

Bassman75’s debut album, “I Got Lucky” drops on February 3rd, 2009. Check him out on the web, and Actually, if you google him, you wont be disappointed!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Since taking my lil self over to Digiwaxx I have come across things that I am gladmy Music Marketing 101 readers do not do. Just incase you ever decide to do any of the following, let me stop you now!


5) Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AIM & G Chat: Random Adds…
I honestly have nothing against being added on these sites and messaging programs but just adding me and never saying anything is NOT networking. Saying hello from time to time or at least letting it be known why you've added the person goes a long way. Otherwise you are just stalking….And we all know stalking isn't cool.

4) Forwarding Emails…
If you want me to review your music and you sent it from yahoo, chances are if you've sent the same email to numerous people, there is a long as blue line along the side of it. Actually, there is more than one line and that shits MAD annoying and so unprofessional. Take the time to cut & paste it so it doesn't look like a forward, yo. All of those multiple signatures aren't cool either. Get your business face on and send it right, stop being lazy. You're not going to make it trying to short cut. Oh and stop adding me to your email list w/o permission! UGH! And if you do, at least learn how to use the BC (Blind Copy for you ding bats)

3) No Greeting/Subject…
This goes along w/ #4 – sending an email with no hello or what it is you are looking for. If you are emailing me with a purpose, state so in the email, don't have me email you back and ask you how I can help you. You're seriously taking time out of my life to ask you something you could have said the first time.

2) Professional Press Kits…
I know I did a post in the past about and their beautiful press kits – USE THEM! Geesh! I don't want to download your music, although I do have gmail and I'm able to hit play, it's just the principle. Using sonicbids or one of the other nifty sites, they just have you click play, not to mention it's right in the email. If you just have to fwd an MP3 over, at least have a well written bio, that includes a fact sheet and other things about you.

1) After Hours Messaging
I don't even know why I have to say this but mayne! My weekend was totally interrupted with G Chat messages from some guys manager who has been harassing me for three days straight about a write up. I'm spending time with my family & I'm getting alerts on my phone from this dude on a Saturday night! NINGA ARE YOU SERIOUS??! Do you not know business hours, son? Why am I going back and forth with you, on a weekend, about your Artist whom I don't even care for? I'm gon let Big Red explain it to you…


Honestly, I don't think I'm cutout for this digiwaxx ish if this is how people think they can be. This ninja just hit me with some "I'm going to tell on you" ish BITCH (not calling him a bitch, just saying in general), I'm grown! Lord, take me now!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cadillac Records Movie - History on the Big Screen

Previously posted on by CathrynMarie..I'm posting here because of the overall message of the movie

On Monday night, Digiwaxx had the GREAT pleasure of viewing “Cadillac Records” at a screening in Houston, Texas; Solange Knowles also sat in and watched. If Beyonce hadn’t gone on Oprah and said that she was only in the end of the movie, I would have really thought that the movie was an Etta James movie that she starred in - its how the previews and such come across. Digiwaxx advice’s everyone to listen to Beyonce and not count on the media - she did a GREAT job, however.

I enjoyed “Cadillac Records” so much because of the informative history of music that I walked away with - actually learning that a Field Slave is sole person who contributed to the what music has become now, being apart of integration of man kind, was therapeutic. Of course, Chuck Berry, broke the barriers with his music but if it weren’t for Muddy Waters, ex Field Slave and first artist on Chess Records, who knows what music would be like.

Chess Records was a start up label by Leonard Chess in Chicago. First artist on the roster was the great Muddy Waters, one of the greatest bluesmen of all time, no one played the guitar better than Muddy. Muddy, along with Little Walter, Willie Dixon and Howlin Wolf took the world by storm with their sound Blues sound before Rock & Roll Legend, Chuck Berry, was signed and contributed to chart topping numbers the Record Label often laid claim to. Becoming the first female on the roster, Etta James accompanied the talent men and demanded her respect, as she to made chart topping music. It’s hard to believe that seven people are responsible for the definition of great music, not excluding The Rolling Stones (the history behind how they got started is amazing) and The Beach Boys (another jaw dropping story).

Being careful not to ruin the movie, I want to encourage everyone who has a great appreciation of music to go view this movie. If you’re one of those people who refuse to see it because “Beyonce is in it it”, she LITERALLY does not show up on the screen until an hour into the movie, with 45 mins remaining. Mos Def was amazing, pure COMEDY and talent. Beyonce’s performance is also one to be credited, she really showed emotion and became Ms. Etta James. Eamonn Walker (Kareem of OZ) as Howlin’ Wolf was so realistic and you can’t leave out Ced The Entertainer, who has a huge role in the movie. Gabrielle Union, also stars in the movie and has a nice role. Academy Award Winner, Adrien Brody and Emmy, Global Global & Tony winner, Jeffrey Wright are the true stars of this movie. I personally plan to go see it again, and I again, encourage everyone to go see it. PLEASE be sure to read the closing captions, you will be taken aback with the ending information you will read. Oh & Q Tip is in it!!

Cadillac Records is in theaters on December 5, stop by the official website for the movie and listen to some of the soothing tunes. The Official Soundtrack is being distrubuted through Sony Music, to be released on December 2, includes music from Beyonce Knowles, who has recorded five songs for the soundtrack, including a cover version of Etta James’ “At Last” as its lead single. Mos Def, Jeffrey Wright, Columbus Short (Little Walter), and Eamonn Walker recorded songs for the soundtrack, and Raphael Saadiq (his new album is a MUST BUY), Solange Knowles, Mary Mary, Nas, Buddy Guy and Elvis Presley also appears on the album. The soundtrack will be released in single- and double-disc editions.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Theme Song Contest - Win $100,000

As posted on

Live with Regis and Kelly are seeking a new theme and want YOU to give it to them. Did I mention you could win $100,000??!!!

Calling ALL aspiring musicians and composers take a shot at having your work air on national television, win $100,000, and perhaps get your big break into the music business. Live is going Hi Def on January 5, 2009, with a whole new graphic look, including a new show open. That means the show needs a brand-new theme song, and Regis and Kelly are giving their viewing audience the chance to create their new theme with "Live's One Hundred Grand Theme Song Search."

Regis and Kelly are giving their viewing audience the chance to create their new theme with "Live's One Hundred Grand Theme Song Search."

Here's What You Need To Know
READ and PRINT our Quick Start Information Guide about what we are looking for and how to make it happen!
We're moving fast on this- all entries are due by December 5th, 2008 (sorry, JUST found out!!), so Click Here for the Official Rules!

Please include your First and Last Name, City, State/Province, Daytime telephone number, Mobile telephone number, and Email address. You Must PRINT and SIGN this mail-in Submission Form!
Your music should be on a CD, no longer than 1:30, and in one of the following formats:
Audio Redbook CD Format

Mail your entry to:
Ansonia Station
P.O. Box 234041
New York, NY 10023-9495

You can send us an MP3 of your music that is no longer than 1:30 and no larger than 1.9MB! Follow the instructions listed in the Quick Start Information Guide and then CLICK HERE TO LOG-IN OR REGISTER when you are ready to submit your audio file online.

Please Note: we CANNOT accept anything other then MP3 files within the size limit through the website. If you are sending a larger file or another format please follow the instructions above and mail in your entry.

Please feel free to use our new open as a reference when you are writing your music. You can watch it in the videoplayer to your right and download it to your computer using the instructions below.
PC Users: Right-click on this download link and select "Save Link As..." in Firefox or select "Save Target As..." in Internet Explorer.
Mac Users: Hold down the "control" key and click on this download link, then select "Save Link As..."

Technology: FourTrack - iPhone Audio Recorder

As posted on

Sonoma Wire Works recently launched a multi-track audio recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch, the FourTrack. The nifty recorder is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players and other musicians who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on their iPhone.

Easy as 1-2-3, just plug in a microphone; arm a track, record, and repeat. FourTrack works with the iPhone built-in microphone, a headset mic, or an iPod touch with a third-party mic and headphones. WiFi sync allows FourTrack recordings to be downloaded to any desktop computer with a browser. Tracks can then be loaded into any recording software to continue working on songs. Itunes doesn't allow plug-ins, but it is a creative tool for those crafty artists; music in the go.

check out for more info

Thursday, November 27, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

The American Music Awards took place last week - the most shocking win went to my son's favorite singer, Chris Brown BUT the most important award that was given was not televised but it to deserves to be recognized!

Yes sirrrrrrrrrrr, Chris Classic took home the award for Best Soundtrack for The Chipmunks, beating out Juno and Mamma Mia. I'm sure his acceptance speak would have included my name - jokes! ha! A sista can dream! CONGRATS Chris, I'm TOTALLY happy for you and know that it is just the start! When that radio project drops, it will be collecting awards also! LOVIN the AMA outfit he is rockin -it's so ALVIN, lol.

Thanks to all who voted for him, I appreciate you all! The Chipmunks Undeniable will be hitting store soon, I'm sure it'll do just as good!! Previous Chris Classic AMA post Chris' AMA experience/interview soon :)

This Week on

I've been super busy this wek but here are the recent postings on

THE CHESS RECORDS STORY: CADILLAC RECORDS THE MOVIE <==the REAL reason to go watch Cadillac Records! The movie is GRAT!












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What's New On Digiwaxx - Including Posts By Me!

Okay, so as I stated previously, I am blogging on Digiwaxx and I officially set up shop today! I am kind of taking things that I'd post here and putting them there, I won't always do it but I'm just getting my feet wet right now! I appreciate your continued support :) - CaT

Recent Posts:

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Album Reviews…

Cause We Said So

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Catch Me On

A site that I respect & often refer Artists & DJs to be apart of, has graced me with the opportunity to post all over their site - YaY! was introduced to me by Acie High, a local Houston Rapper (also UPN the Player winner and Brother of Acie Law of the Hawks) back in 2007 when I took on the position of doing Marketing for his Camp. I was highly impressed with the connections and feedback I would get back from DJs in the US & overseas. I can honestly say I am a TRUTHFUL testimony of the site and its MULTIPLE services and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my two cents.

What to expect:

Exclusive interviews
Music Reviews
Artist Shine....etc

I'm not a gossip blogger, so you won't get the latest gossip on who Kanye is boinking - at least not with my name next to it. I encourage all to check out, not on the blog, but the site overall. Become a member and take advantage of the industry people who take part of this amazing site!

Hopefully, I'll have my first post up by Monday!! The kinks are still being worked out!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Networking 101

Function: noun
Date: 1967
1: the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions ; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business

People often misuse this word or should I say slack on the action of NETWORKING. Being on the numerous social sites that I am on, I am quick to deny or delete someone because they say they want to network but never say two words to me. Twitter is getting out of control with the lazy networking - I think I removed an additional 25 people last night, steaming from the 27 people I removed 2 days prior. The rappers have gotten wind of twitter and just want to send you links of their music - you'll have to read a previous post to know why that is annoying, seriously!

Number Rule to networking is BEING SOCIAL!! It's not going to happen over night or with just one conversation - give me a reason to want to check your work out, as I will give you a reason to check for me. I know I've probably done a post touching on this before but maybe I had too much going on within the post, so I decided to focus on just said title. Or maybe I'm just venting :) lol.

Well since I've started venting, let me say this! I'm alllllllll for supporting people & have a BAD habit of giving tips, suggestions, writing and promoting off of love but there is a such thing as taking advantage of the situation. Know when to be a good BUSINESS person and realize getting ahead is not always free. Asking for a price of love is no better, for starters I ALWAYS give a "love price", so there is no need to ask. Okay, I'm done - oh and I'm all out of FREE :)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

So You Want To Get On Radio?

Working at The Urban Zone I have had the opportunity to network with a lot of LOCAL artist - some good, some bad. I've put together different avenues for them to showcase their music, including talent shows, artist showcases, free style battles and a host of other things. Of course working on the projects with PARTY 93.3 only got me a host of unwanted cd's that people felt I could give to the radio jock who would then listen to it and then play it on air. THAT'S NOT HOW THE GAME WORKS!

The things that I've NOTICED that work aren't steps many people take. Again, these are just things that I've noticed personally that seem to work, it's not always 100%.

Get the local DJ's to play your music. I would suggest starting at the high school and college parties. If they like your music and request it in the club, it helps with creating a local buzz. Don't even try to waste your time with these wack DJ Organizations, they are charging you an arm & a leg for stuff you can pay someone within your crew to do or you do yourself. Just go to the club, network with the DJ and BAM! If you get a nice amount of DJs spinning your music then I'd suggest going to one of those organizations. I don't believe in charging $250 per track to even LISTEN but hey, I guess DJ's gotta eat too. If you have some already playing your track and then you go to a group of DJs, you'll have more leverage.

Before even going to radio - ask yourself, is your NAME even big enough to be on radio. When I say big, I mean around your home town to where people will be checking for you. Do you have a following? I'd suggest getting out there and networking with other local artist who may have a name but not a deal (next blog will be on that). You know, those artists you grew up on that only your city could relate to? Yea, reach out to them and do stuff with them - get involved in opening up for their shows or just being around them. This is actually great for your Press Kit also.

Doing research on the radio station - do they even play local artist music and when are they playing it. Giving your cd to the morning show would be the most dumbest thing to do in the world, everyone knows that the morning shows cater to talking with listeners and such; not much music is played in the morning. The midday show MAY do it in a MIX - like a lunch time mix and again MAYBE! The evening show may do it after 6pm - this show again is catered to listeners whom call in. The night time show - BINGO! This is where you'd get your play - actually, over night is the best place for local artists to get spins - DO YOUR HOMEWORK THOUGH!!

The research you are doing should also include knowing who the go to person is - please believe me when I say that the radio jock is NOT the go to person. Unless said Jock happens to be the Music Director or Assistant Program Director - THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR DECIDES WHO GETS PLAY!!

Some times radio stations will have steps on how to present music to them. Of course your music must be copy written, otherwise just follow the other procedures that may be listed. It is sometimes possible to set up a meeting with the Program Director. This would entail you calling ahead and setting one up. If you should so happen to be lucky to get a meeting be sure to have CLEAN music with you, along with some sort of Press Kit. PLEASE do not go into the meeting trying to sell yourself with the number of MySpace "hits" you receive. Although it may seem like a HUGE accomplishment to have 500 people hit your page daily, that does not say anything about those people liking your music. So many people are buying software that sends messages to people on MySpace and it's only natural people click on your page to see who the heck you are - getting a hit from them trying to figure out who you are and actually liking your music is TWO different things!

Again, when checking the station out, see if your music even fits with the station. Just because they are a hip hop station and you feel your music is hip hop - your sound may be one that is better on the Pop sounding station. Example - Kanye West is Top 40 & Hip Hop Station related music, find out which one is best for your sound. Expand your mind and step outside of the box. Be sure to check for stations within your STATE and not just your CITY!

I'm sure I am leaving things out but I guess this is a start. I don't know about the other States but Texas REALLY has it easy when it comes to finding EVERYTHING out that you need to know about music. It's on the net & I would say where but then I'd be giving away a secret I'm not ready to part with. KEYWORD: Research and if you're too lazy and don't know how to do such - get someone on your team that does and pay them *ahem* :)

Here's another good read on the subject

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Artist To Watch: Kevin Ross

My sister had me check out this young cat, Kevin Ross about 2 months ago, immediately his Mario like sound intrigued me (everyone knows I am the biggest Mario fan ever in life, ha). I think I stayed on his page for a good 30 mins - his sound and energy is so genuine. Further listening to him his sound is like a young Usher - now I'm REALLY excited, lol. Did I mention he is still unsigned?!?! He plays the piano as well - Clive, its time to jump on him! We all know you love Artists of his caliber

Artist Bio:

Originally from Washington D.C., Kevin Ross has the next meaningful voice of this generation. Kevin's rich tone, creative run ideas, youthful look and piano skills, humbly places him into the category of some of the greatest performers of all time. As a trained vocalist and performer, his engaging stage presence and personality gives him the edge, while industry insiders find the freshness of his voice to be something special, comparing him to artists like Stevie Wonder and the late great Donnie Hathaway. To top it all off, he's extremely charismatic and a true gentleman. Kevin currently resides in Boston, where he is a Songwriting major at Berklee College of Music.

The reason I decided to blog on him today was due to a new song he added - Yes We Can. My sister texted me this morning and told me to check out her new music on her MySpace page. I saw the title and saw something about 106 & Park under it - I rolled my eyes. I honestly didn't even turn my speakers up to listen as I checked out her page further. Looking through her top friends, I thought I'd hit up Kevin Ross' page since I hadn't been there in a minute - too my surprise he has a song called "Yes We Can" - ha! So now I'm interested, LOL. MAN OH MAN! I can honestly say that this song is sooooo moving - a straight tear jerker song! lol. So of course I added it to my page, which is unlike me due to it being a slow song & I normally have upbeat music (like anything on Raphael's new album) but MAN! I had to do it!

Track list of his other MySpace songs:

- The lyrics alone are on the level of John Legend's "Ordinary People" - VERY relate able. Not to keep putting him in the Mario box but I can so hear "Like Me Real Hard" all up in it!

Adore You - You can't help but clap you hands and bust out some Chris Brown routine to this joint! He's extra playful on this track - showing major personality.

So Incredible - Awesome album track - he really channeled "Ursher". It's a great appreciation of your girl song. It's soulful - very blues inspired.

What You Do To Me - Another possible album track. Not one of my favs but it can easily grow on me. His sound is once again like Mario.

John Legend, Mario, Chris Brown and Usher are all on Sony - I think it's time to add Kevin Ross to the camp, LOL.

FYI - yes he was on 106 & park, the video footage has been removed due to come copy right bull crap - they are getting out of hand w/ this stuff, lol. But he did do his thang on BET!! I wish him much luck with his career!


Mgt Contact:

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Anatomy of a Music Business BUZZ

I tend to post my own personal tips that I've learned from experience or dealt with first had on this blog but sometimes tips from others are helpful - especially if it's someone who has the same business mind frame as myself :) Not saying that I know everything but obviously if someone else thinks the way I do, a successful someone, then hey, I must be on point some how - aye?

The following write up was written by my MySpace friend, SlowJam Powell. SlowJam & I previously came together on our erotica work, but it seems our music views are just as great as our sexual erotica work! I can dig it! - CaT

The Anatomy of a Music Business BUZZ
By Xavier J. Powell

Today's music consumers are very skeptical, and they suffer from media overload. The result: they'll probably ignore the mixtapes or new releases that most artists promote. So how do consumers decide which song to download or which album to buy?

The answer: They don't.

Buzz is equated to word of mouth – the recommendations of friends and the buzz that develops in the marketplace. Buzz is suppose to sell your product or service – if you know how to create it. This article will help the music professional understand how it works and how it can help grow your business.

The Music BUZZ Phenomenon

The difference between "artists" and "recording professionals" is this: "Artists" releases mixtapes and brags about an article just to feel good about themselves (all the while claiming that its creating a buzz) while "recording professionals" focuses on how to use advertisements (or PR) to influence individual consumer buying behavior for their products or services. They know that for many products, purchasing is part of a social process. In other words, these professionals rely on friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations about everything from which movie to see to what album they should buy. This is the anatomy of creating a buzz.

Buzz starts with a superior user experience; nothing will help your product if it doesn't deliver such an experience. Most releases or performances, doesn't create any response from anyone. It's the same ole, same ole in music. If you want to generate a real buzz, you should underpromise and overdeliver. Then, instead of pushing the product on customers, let the product spread itself through the industry.

Questions to ask yourself

If you want to create a real music business buzz, you have to know WHO your customers are and how you are reaching them.
Start with these questions:

From whom do your customers typically learn about your products?

What do people say when they recommend your CD or performance?

How fast does information about your product spread as compared with your competitors' products?

Does your product evoke an emotional response? What response is that?

Two things are needed to create a music business buzz successfully. First, you need a contagious product (song or performance). But that's not enough. The products creator needs to reach out and spread the word to the rest of the world. Your company must have at least one person who is obsessed with spreading the word.

Now spreading the word requires hard work. You have to organize a sales blitz, ignore traditional distribution channels and try different approaches. One way is to convince opinion leaders in their network to tell others about it. Opinion leaders are connected, travelers, information-hungry, vocal, and exposed to the media.

Second is ammunition. Give the people something to talk about. This is why you must get out and circulate. Date, be seen, engage others and stimulate discussions within this network. The secret though is to be scarce with what you offer. Performing and being seen every week at the same clubs is not too appealing. Remember this when trying to build a buzz.

Six rules about BUZZ.

Keep it simple. Elaborate campaigns are not always needed.

Tell what's new. Don't bother with self-praise; focus on what's new with the product or service.

Don't make claims that you can't support. Don't say that it's the biggest showcase of the year in January. What happens if you have another showcase in July? Will it be the second biggest showcase of the year?

Ask your customers what's so special about your product or performance. If they can't articulate it, they can't pass it on.

Start measuring buzz. After your campaign, ask your customers if they recommended what you offered.

Listen to the buzz. Ask your customers what they think of your product and services.

Remember, nothing happens until something is sold. There's nothing to a buzz about if nothing was brought. How can you measure a buzz if you have no numbers to compare it with? I know of one artist who is always "creating a buzz" but there is no end result.

Hopefully, this will help to aid in your "buzz."

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Items For Sale - Part 1


Yesterday I posted on a few of the social networking sites that I utilize, that I would SOON be selling an iMac, some plasma TVs, pc's and other stuff - of course A LOT of people hit me up! I don't have all of the prices just yet - awaiting boss lady to get back to me but I figured I would go ahead and showcase a few of the things that are up for grabs. I have a whole lot more but I started with this stuff. If any of you have been to the job site, The Urban Zone inside of Sharpstown Mall, you will notice that the merchandise is from the shop. I hope to have complete prices no later than Monday and if you would like to stop by let me know and I'll make a point to go up there on Monday, otherwise I will be up there Tuesday & Boss Lady should be as well.

The plush couches and everything is for sell. Printers, Fax machines, chairs, office desks, tables, etc. We have TOO much stuff to put in storage, in a storage that is already over packed, so we are selling it. SERIOUS INQUUIRES ONLY! This is my reason for posting this blog first, so you can view it & get an idea of what things MAY go for. Please feel free to contact me at 832.884.4690 or via email - if you are interested. (Don't worry Rob, I got you 1st when prices are set).

Phillips Hi Fi System Radio
USB Direct Play Back
Online Price - $75
Plays MP3 & WMA music from portable USB storage device/MP3 player. Plays MP3/CD/WMA CD. Convience line-in jack for digital music playback from any portable player/ Wake up and sleep time. Digital tuning w/ 40 present stations. Watch your CD play. 10 W total power. Dynamic bass boost for deep bass experience. FAIRLY NEW & HARDLY USED!

AKG Acoustics Perception 100 Mic
Online Price - $100
Perception 100 large diaphragm condenser mic. Stand adaptor included.

Presonus Fade Port Control
Online Price - $199
UZ Price - $150
USB Automation and transport controller. Works with protools - cubcase - Nuend - Logic and more! BRAND NEW & NEVER USED!!

Shure Wireless Vocal Mic
Online Price - $299
UZ Price – 2 for $299
Wireless vocal. PG2/PG58 hand held mic system. PG4 diversity receiver. 12 MHZ band width. Up to 8 compatible systems.

FIVE (5) Funai 42 inch Plama’s
Online Price - $1,469 each

Aleratec DVD/CD Copy Cruiser – FAIRLY NEW!!
Online Price - $300
UZ Price - $200

iMac – Apple Mac comes w/ Sony CD Drive
Online Price - $1199

Stedman prescreen XL
Online Price - $69
Advanced profess pop filter w/ gooseneck. Large 6" round washable screen. Durable gooseneck w/ extended clamp.

KRK System V8 Series 2 Speakers
Online Price - $399

Makie DFX 12 Mixer
Online Price – $250 - $275

Pro Tools – M Powered 7 software
Online Price - $249 - $305
UZ Price - $125

M-Audio Firewire 1814
Online Price - $380 - $550
18 inch, 14 out fire wire audio/MID/Interfaces w/ adat.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inspiration: Channel Your Subjects

"I've been thinking about/studying Lil' Wayne alot recently. Weird, I know." - Tommie as Wayne in photo above

So I was on recently just checking their new posts out & I came across The Weezy Chronicles and I was IN TEARS watching them! I re posted the link on twitter & next thing I know I have a friends request on a popular social network & upon further investigation I realized it was Mr Weezy Chronicles himself - someone suggested that he add me as a friend, but he didn't know why. LOL.

I'm checking out his blogs & I actually learned a lot about Weezy and became more interested in him actually taking the time to "become" Wayne. In case I didn't mention it, he is indeed an actor and film director - he actually MADE himself Lil Wayne, really studied him but learned more about Wayne once having the make up (tatts) and wig on.

I had a dream last night that IN my dream, I awoke and Lil' Wayne wasn't real. All of the songs and pictures and conversations of him had all been a dream and he was a mere figment of my imagination. So I'm telling people that there was a 5'6 black guy from New Orleans with no facial hair that shot himself and had a daughter before he got famous, then dreaded his hair, took over a multi-million dollar rap label, calls his best friend 'baby' or 'daddy', drinks cough syrup from three stacked styrofoam-cups and for the last two years, has released a mixtape every month for no compensation. And that this man then went on to release an album that sold 1 Million copies in one week, had all of the men wanting to be him and women wanting to be with him and was considered the greatest rapper alive... Nobody believed me or saw it possible. They all laughed at me. So why think it possible after actually seeing it.
(expert from his blog entitled "Dear Journal")

My sole purpose for this post is to actually showcase this man's TALENT as an ACTOR, He captured Lil Wayne so good that it's almost freaky, lol. And then to hear him say the feelings that came over his body while in make up - it wasn't just him doing a Weezy spoof as Tina fey does Palin, he studied him. I recently hit the topic of Winning Over New Fans and mentioned you have to do your homework - it's a lot like acting. You have to get into the minds of the people you are trying to reach, just as he channeled Wayne. You have to know your subject to make your product GREAT - just as Tommie made this "spoof" great!

Funny thing is, I learned more about Wayne while dressed up like him and acting like him. All while dressed up like him, I wasn't clowning and making people laugh. ...... I'd see the tatts in my peripheral and I'd feel a weird clash. Like 'DAMN I feel cool.. BUT, I only feel cool RIGHT NOW. It was SUCH a temporary feeling that that bad side of the situation was trying to FORCE it's way into me. Like one day, this will ALL be over. You can't be the hot 'it' rapper forever. - via convo with me on how it felt to BE Wayne.

I ask that you watch this video & some how gain inspiration. (I hope I didn't get too deep on you guys, LOL.) The rapping scenes are my fav, lol. He DID that ish!

To contact Tommie, hit up -

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

American Music Award Nominee: Chris Classic

Click Here
"Blessings come in all shapes, sizes and avenues. Apparently furry lil Chipmunks have been a means for me to experience certain accomplishments in my career as an artist and songwriter.. Hopefully next award will be from The Radio Project!!" - Chris Classic

I can't remeber the last time I felt HONORED to personally know someone so talented & be in complete joy for him! Chris Classic (previous spoke on his in my interviews post) has been an awesome pal of mine for a good 6 plus years, over the course of this time I have watched & heard his musical talent grace the cd's of some of the best movie sound tracks ever - many that I have purchased because my son is a HUGE fan of the movies they albums belong to. To name a few Meet The Spartans, Never Back Down, The Air I Breathe, Transformers, Underdog, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer, American Pie 4,5 and 6, Date Movie, Alvin & The Chipmunks, etc..Not to mention the Ford & McDonald commercials that feature his music - I call it getting money for your musical craft the SMART way, lol.

All of his HARD work is paying off! Currently working on his first album (he just dropped his first mixtape THE AUDACITY OF DOPE), his authentic sounds on The Alvin & The Chipmunks are up for an AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD for best soundtrack for a movie! He is up against Juno & Mamma Mia. Did I mention he plays The Chipmunks DJ in the movie? lol. The soundtrack went Gold last time I checked - which is a HUGE accomplishment! Now its time for him to get that award!

I am ASKING from my heart that EVERYONE take a second to vote for this amazing man! Visit and cast your vote! Heck while you're there, vote for your other musical favorites - Alicia, Wayne & Chris Brown are up for Artist for the year. Kanye, Wayne & Flo Rida (err) are up for Favorite Male Hip Hop artist and a HOST of other categories!

Although I rarely mention this, because everything that he has done he has done on his own. BUT being in Marketing & such I know that sometimes you have to encourage people to do things - Chris Classic is indeed the nephew an artist apart of one of the GREATEST HIP Hop groups in the WORLD & one of the most influential African American entrepreneurs ever! Again, not taking away from his gift of talent because he has had NO hand outs with the projects he has done, but I will express that he is inspired by Hip Hop Pioneers that we ALL look up too - really ALL of us. I believe his bio says more on it, so you can read more about him and or just google him -

Be sure to tune in November 23rd and see who takes home the American Music Award of YOUR choice!


CONGRATS again Sweets! Mad, LOVE & RESPECT! Good Luck!! :) - KiTTeE CaT

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Contest: Welcome To Dreamland UPDATE!

Saw this over at Phone number & date have been changed! Please take note!

Turner Broadcast & Peachtree TV is looking for female singers between the ages of 18-30 years old, this is your CHANCE and OPPORTUNITY. The new reality show called "Welcome To Dreamland" is looking for those who are confident, driven and hungry for success and ready to take on the music industry or someone who possesses the innate ability to claim their victory under the spotlight. The show features platinum hitmaker and super producer Jazze Pha and many more hitmakers. OPPORTUNITY ONLY COMES ONCE. Make your dream come true.

On Monday October 20th bring your head shot and be prepared to perform.

Marvelous Entertainment
Artist Development
1345 Boyd Street
Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 404-367-9122

Time: 2 PM-8PM

Let them know Rahiem Shabazz over at Rasha Entertainment sent you.

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Tips to Reach & Win Over New Fans

When it comes to Major Labels and them investing in to an up and coming Artist they tend to spend a lot of money on "shotgun" marketing. They promote the artist and material to target a segment of the population (which is usually millions of people), knowing that only a small percentage will be interested enough to respond and become fans. This widespread tactic often works well enough to sell a lot of CDs and concert tickets - but it is very expensive.

Realistically, underground artist can't afford "shotgun" marketing. You have to find effective, low-cost ways to go directly to your one-in-a-thousand fans. Here are four simple steps you can take to reach and win over new fans:

1. Define Your Distinct Musical Identity -
Have a firm grasp on what your music is about. What sets you apart from other acts? What attitude or social statement do you make? Being an R&B or hip-hop act won't do it. You need to dig deeper and discover your uniqueness. When you finally reach your rare potential fans, don't lose them by not being clear about your music identity. If you can't readily tell someone exactly what motivates your music, take the time and focus on this step.

2. Describe Your Ideal Fan
Once you know who you are musically, it is time to figure out your ideal fan. How old are they? How do they dress? Where do they live? Where do they work? What TV shows do they watch? What do they do to relax? Who are their cultural hero's? Pay close attention to the types of people who come to see you perform and take notes about what they have in common. If you know exactly who your fans are, you will be able to decide which avenues you use to reach them and how you communicate your message once you do reach them.

3. Determine How to Get Access to Your Fans
Once you know exactly what type of music fan you need to go after, make a list of the resources and venues these specific people are attracted to. What magazine and newspapers do they read? Where do they hang out socially? What radio stations do they listen to? What retail outlets do they frequent? What web sites do they surf to? What e-mail newsletters, blogs and pod casts do they subscribe to? Make list of the gold resources you find.

4. Network and Promote Your Music
Get busy and use your targeted list of contacts and resources. Send e-mail press releases to niche media outlets. Make contact with the webmasters and editors of appropriate publications. Post messages and comments in specialized forums and on blogs. Visit and interact via web sites of similar-sounding bands. Contact organizations and charities related to your music niche.


I sincerely hope you readers are taking note of this - know it sounds corny to say do research and learn your fan base but I promise it is needed. A friend told me yesterday that Beyonce was washed up - I pointed out to him that he is a complete hip hop/ neo soul black male over the age of 25 and that Beyonce's music isn't geared towards him so of course he is going to feel that way. You can't please everyone in the world but there are a host of them that will appreciate your music if they are just like you!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

SouthBySouthwest - Sonic Bids - Dubbs Lane

Mad love to @Calinative aka Liz for reminding me about South by Southwest. I have never personally been but my sister, who works for Sony, goes just about every year because o some Artist she has performing or something. I always recommend Artist to go, even if it's just to network and not perform, a lot of people register too late to perform. Your luck has possibly changed this year however, I am submitting this info within enough time before the deadline.

"SXSW Music is four hyperactive days of making connections for musicians, recording companies and every other business touching on music, from concert bookers to copyright lawyers, publishers to Web geeks." New York Times, 3/19/07

Apply to Showcase Your Band at the 2009 SXSW Music Festival.

The deadlines (October 24, 2008 for international artists, November 7, 2008 for artists in the USA) and fee ($25 for early submissions, $35 for applications submitted after September 26, 2008) are the same.

I see that they have sync'd up with, which is a site I had planned on blogging about already.

Since I' started this blog, I get a SHIT load of emails from Artist who want me to Manage them, Market them or something else. I also get a bunch of people who want me to review their music - I actually had intentions on doing such last week but due to freakin Hurricane Ike I was set back a tad bit. *side note* after 12 days of being away from my crib, I finally have lights and I'm home! =)

Over the time of being away, I received an email from a rep for Dubbs Lane; this was THE BEST artist email I have EVER received! Mad respect to the people behind him - and thanks for hipping me to a new site, lol.

The email contained an EPK for Dubbs Lane:

His bio was RIGHT there for him and I had options to review his music and check out pics - the best online EPK ever in life. Not to mention the option to SAVE his EPK and this is alllll thanks to Sonic Bids!

What Is Sonicbids?

Sonicbids is a Web site that helps bands get gigs, and promoters book the right bands. Our community includes over 150,000 bands, singers, songwriters, and performers of all kinds, and 14,000-plus music buyers of all kinds, including promoters, licensors, festival programmers, and much more. Bands come here for gigs; promoters come here for bands. We have lots of both.

I highly suggest everyone to join this site & check it out. Step ya game up and email your press kits out the RIGHT way. Obtaining email addresses for the right people to send such press kits too is NOT hard. Due to that being one of the ways I make money, I can not tell such ways to find said emails, LOL. I do Marketing and sometimes I am requested to send stuff off to certain people. But TRUST me, its EASY!

I had plans to cover someone already as my first review but I would like to show my appreciation of his professionalism, so I'm going to showcase him =)

The Laurel, Maryland, Hip-Hop Artist is actually rather good (for the record, I have NO problem with telling someone their music sucks, lol). He's good on a level that he may actually get slept on though because he doesn't stand out. After listening to "I Dig" and jamming to it real hard, I found myself hitting next quite often; his other tracks were album tracks. That is until I got to "I'm Rockin" - that shit goes hard! I'm not sure what the single is that he is pushing but I personally think this should be IT!

I wish him much success and add my 2 cents of working on more singles; hate to say it but music is so watered down right now and you have to find that one song that you may not want to do but also has you true to your style. He seems to have the right people behind him aka people who know what they are doing, so I bid he will be okay! =)

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