Thursday, November 27, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

The American Music Awards took place last week - the most shocking win went to my son's favorite singer, Chris Brown BUT the most important award that was given was not televised but it to deserves to be recognized!

Yes sirrrrrrrrrrr, Chris Classic took home the award for Best Soundtrack for The Chipmunks, beating out Juno and Mamma Mia. I'm sure his acceptance speak would have included my name - jokes! ha! A sista can dream! CONGRATS Chris, I'm TOTALLY happy for you and know that it is just the start! When that radio project drops, it will be collecting awards also! LOVIN the AMA outfit he is rockin -it's so ALVIN, lol.

Thanks to all who voted for him, I appreciate you all! The Chipmunks Undeniable will be hitting store soon, I'm sure it'll do just as good!! Previous Chris Classic AMA post Chris' AMA experience/interview soon :)


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