Saturday, January 24, 2009

Artist To Watch: Wish

On twitter I get a few messages from time to time of people asking for a spotlight - generally I'm not feeling the music and never do a spotlight and keep it moving.

Last weekend, I decided to go through allllllllll of the music in my inbox and came across the horrific "music" that caused me to write my previous post about keeping it real (Here). My faith in the LORD and GOOD music was restored when I opened the next email from baby girl, WishIsHere; this chick can SANG! No, really! She is GREAT!

The thing that makes this Young Lady very special, is the fact that you can't put her in a box. One thing that makes it hard for Artists to continue with their career for years is being "outdated" or being that someone for a different generations ear. Example: Tiffany Evans is a BEAUTIFUL and talented girl, I remember her on Star Search and watching her grow up and do her music thing was refreshing, her problem is, not her age, it's that her sound is only a sound kids can rock to and when it comes time for that second album, those teens lose interest (just ask Soulja Boy). Bow Wow is another example, it's hard for people in my generation to not look at him as the lil kid rapping on the porch with JD in "Bounce Bounce"; Wish has a sound the kids and adults can relate to.

It helps that she can REALLY sing, but her music is playful enough for the kids to feel it yet crunk for my generation to vibe to it in the car on the way to the club and in the club. If her marketing game is as on point as her product, please believe me when I saw you'll be hearing about her.

She asked me to do an "Artist Preview" because she is not signed and is still seeking proper representation but over here I only feature underground artists who are seeking for their next big break; those Spotlight worthy. Wish Is INDEED Here! :)

Slut - MySpace Song
Silly - Cover Track
Skool Gurl Diaries Sampler

Skool Gurl Diaries (release date TBA)

Current Residence:
NY/NJ Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Musical Influences:
Mary J. Blige, Prince, Queen, The Clark Sisters, Faith Evans, Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Maroon 5, Brandy, Pink

Shows Dates will follow early summer..

Booking inquiries:

Like a diamond in the ruff Wish, the Unsigned emerging artist from Baltimore, MD is here to conquer. "It's been a long road even up until this very point, even without a deal. It's rough, but I don't plan on quitting. Ever." Wish's piercing alto is the remnants of her everchanging story....

It began at about 7 years old, where Wish grew up on the church choir along with family & neighborhood friends. This was her 1st attempt to grab the mic. At the end of that very 1st solo, she knew music was going to be a major part of her life. And so it was. Many church, school, & neighborhood events, talent/fashion shows followed as she continued to perform.

Often described as a "high pitched raspy alto", you can feel the conviction from her soul. "I want people to know that I mean every word I sing, even if I sing a song a million times, they gotta know by the time I'm done, I meant it all. I want people to believe me. If I don't believe me, then who will?" Studying favorites like Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Queen, Mariah, & Beyonce, these are all artists who possess the epidemy of "feeling" and are great at conveying pure emotion to an audience. "Who doesn't want to be great? Of course I do."

Growing up with as an only child was easy. "When I got out of school, my friends would go play hopscotch, I would go home, do my homework, and put my headphones on for the rest of the night. My favorite CD was Mary J. Blige "Whats the 411". I played it until it got all scratched up. Then I'd end up in class late the next morning because I decided I wanted to have a "singing contest" with one of my classmates in the yard. Funny, but true."
Skool Gurl Diaries is Wish's 1st solo attempt, after donning in 2 girl groups, she found that the hard work gained from those experiences has prepped her enough to stand on her very own. "Groups are a learning experience. It was a true example of sisterhood and taught me how to work cooperatively with people. Musically, it helped with harmonies, knowing how to blend, and just working off of each others energies. It was really fun time in my life."

Now residing in NJ, the solo sensation is putting the finishing touches her album. Best friend/songwriter Donny Roc, has written all songs except two, on the album. "I feel the chemistry between he and I cannot be forced. It just happens. We naturally enjoy what we do." The two recorded a plethora of songs before choosing the final 15. "We blindly went into the studio, not knowing what we would come up with, and Donny wrote everything on the spot, & out came a new sound. Wish's sound!"

Putting Wish in a genre, may be the hardest thing to do. "I'm inspired by Rock, R&B, Jazz, Gospel and Hip Hop. To put one's self in a box, is the worst thing you can do. I love to have fun with it all." Skool Gurl Diaries is a fusion of R&B/Alternative music, with some Pop ballads.

What you can expect from Skool Gurl Diaries are memorable melodies, brilliant harmonies, attacking vocals & ad libs, and a collection of short stories that most of us at one point in time have related to or be able to relate to. Loosely based on the "School Girl" mantra, each character Wish portrays in the album has her own story.
Cheerleader. Nerd. Prom Queen. Everyday chick.

"When I was in school, I held a lot of things back. Now I think its my turn to speak for the girls, women, & whoever else may have had trouble interpreting their feelings. I used to feel like I did'nt fit in at school, & I think people think they're alone when in a moment like that. Young people have issues, and they need to feel like they're not wrong for feeIing certain ways or for being different. I wanna speak to those people."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Keeps It TR-REAL!!

So I'm often sent emails with music for me to check out. Sometimes people wants a feature and sometimes they just want me to listen to their music. I will admit that I have been HORRIBLE at getting back at people but mainly its because it's the way its sent to me.

Keeping in line with the previous topic - The Industry is More Business Than Music - I expect emails to be sent to me in a professional fashion. Emailing me your MySpace link is NOT the correct approach. Sending me an email where it is forwarded, is also not the correct approach. Take the time and make a presentation, show me you take your work serious so that I will take YOU serious. Now I know I'm just a chick with a blogspot page but obviously my thoughts on your music must be of some importance if you're hitting me up, I'm just saying.

There's one cat who has been emailing me for a couple of months, he urked me early on by not blind copying email addresses but I let it slide cause a good pal co-signed for him. This weekend he sent me some new music and it was horrible! Most folks would probably just trash it but you want my thought's I'll give it to ya straight with no chaser... wrote:
I only know how to be honest with you so don't take my words personal and call me a hater...

This track is rather horrible!! why on gods green earth are you singing? I've heard about 3 previous tracks from you and you have a very nice flow, one song reminded me of Lupe, but this here - noooooo!!

Please do yourself a favor a delete this from your database, lol..Im laughing because of how I am saying it but Im being honest. I must know, have you gotten great feedback from this yet?

lol lmao...thanks for being honest..i appreciate that, haha a couple goood responses and now a couple bad...i wasnt sure about it...lmao..thanks tho yo..thats too funny

Yea, some may say I was brutal but in the end, he felt what I was saying and didn't get mad LOL. If you're sending me music for me to listen to, I'm not going to trash it, I'm going to be H O N E S T! You have been warned and I promise I am NO hater! So don't hit me back with no, "who the fuck are you anyway" bullshit! okay, thanx! :) Hopefully you'll be telling me what someone else said this weekend, " luv ya for being honest" =) <====send ya music! Join Digiwaxx if you're SERIOUS about getting your music reviewed! DJ's, Labels and Others will take the time to listen & rate your joints!

What Is Digiwaxx?!?!

I'm often asked "what is Digiwaxx, CaT?" Ask no more!!


Digiwaxx Media is an independent agency specializing in the new urban culture. With music at the core of this culture, Digiwaxx is situated where things really happen now: at the intersection of recording studios,radio stations, DJ booths, concert venues and online sites where creative innovators, cultural influencers,entrepreneurs and fans converge.

We are centered in a network of local relationships on a worldwide scale and our ability to activate these dynamic relationships with agility, efficiency and credibility knows no equal in the industry. Digiwaxx is an agency that converts years of experience at the forefront of urban creativity and lifestyle into a dynamic hub of information and resources. Our platforms and services are able to connect music, technology,people and culture in a way that is unique to the Digiwaxx experience. Connect with us.


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Digiwaxx was founded in 1998 by Corey “CL” Llewellyn as a means to bridge the digital divide that existed in how the record labels, the DJ’s and the radio stations were breaking tracks and artists. He realized that there was a gulf between how the music industry was operating and what the speed and scope of the internet could offer. Llewellyn’s career began directly out of high school when he began working under the guidance of super-producer Corey Rooney (Mary J Blige What’s The 411?)followed by a position with Mariah Carey on her own boutique label. Llewellyn then ran Cornerstone’s promotion team and was instrumental in the launching of The Fader magazine. He was then recruited by Elektra Records to head up their hip-hop promotion department where he worked directly with Missy Elliott, Mark Ronson, Fabolous and Busta Rhymes. While working within the Warner Brothers system he foresaw how drastically the Internet would change the landscape of the music business and upend the existing power structure between labels and artists and those that exposed the music to the fans. It was at this time he staffed up his Digiwaxx project into a fully-fledged company, running it out of his home as Elektra and other major labels folded in the face of the new Internet age. What had started as a small email promotion and music distribution system became an international network of DJ’s, radio programmers, labels and artists all utilizing Digiwaxx to break music and discover new talent. Digiwaxx recently moved into a loft space in Harlem just north of the cultural and economic center that is 125th St. The Digiwaxx team is nowa staff of 20, who not only manage the original business of digital distribution of music to DJ’s and radio stations but who also cover marketing, promotion, creative services, media planning and publicity. The client roster includes all the top major and indie labels including Def Jam, Interscope, Warner Bros, BadBoy, Motown, VP, J Records and Sony / BMG. Digiwaxx Media has also worked very closely on a wide range of projects with Microsoft, Zune, Adidas, X-Box and Puma North America.

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