Saturday, October 25, 2008

Items For Sale - Part 1


Yesterday I posted on a few of the social networking sites that I utilize, that I would SOON be selling an iMac, some plasma TVs, pc's and other stuff - of course A LOT of people hit me up! I don't have all of the prices just yet - awaiting boss lady to get back to me but I figured I would go ahead and showcase a few of the things that are up for grabs. I have a whole lot more but I started with this stuff. If any of you have been to the job site, The Urban Zone inside of Sharpstown Mall, you will notice that the merchandise is from the shop. I hope to have complete prices no later than Monday and if you would like to stop by let me know and I'll make a point to go up there on Monday, otherwise I will be up there Tuesday & Boss Lady should be as well.

The plush couches and everything is for sell. Printers, Fax machines, chairs, office desks, tables, etc. We have TOO much stuff to put in storage, in a storage that is already over packed, so we are selling it. SERIOUS INQUUIRES ONLY! This is my reason for posting this blog first, so you can view it & get an idea of what things MAY go for. Please feel free to contact me at 832.884.4690 or via email - if you are interested. (Don't worry Rob, I got you 1st when prices are set).

Phillips Hi Fi System Radio
USB Direct Play Back
Online Price - $75
Plays MP3 & WMA music from portable USB storage device/MP3 player. Plays MP3/CD/WMA CD. Convience line-in jack for digital music playback from any portable player/ Wake up and sleep time. Digital tuning w/ 40 present stations. Watch your CD play. 10 W total power. Dynamic bass boost for deep bass experience. FAIRLY NEW & HARDLY USED!

AKG Acoustics Perception 100 Mic
Online Price - $100
Perception 100 large diaphragm condenser mic. Stand adaptor included.

Presonus Fade Port Control
Online Price - $199
UZ Price - $150
USB Automation and transport controller. Works with protools - cubcase - Nuend - Logic and more! BRAND NEW & NEVER USED!!

Shure Wireless Vocal Mic
Online Price - $299
UZ Price – 2 for $299
Wireless vocal. PG2/PG58 hand held mic system. PG4 diversity receiver. 12 MHZ band width. Up to 8 compatible systems.

FIVE (5) Funai 42 inch Plama’s
Online Price - $1,469 each

Aleratec DVD/CD Copy Cruiser – FAIRLY NEW!!
Online Price - $300
UZ Price - $200

iMac – Apple Mac comes w/ Sony CD Drive
Online Price - $1199

Stedman prescreen XL
Online Price - $69
Advanced profess pop filter w/ gooseneck. Large 6" round washable screen. Durable gooseneck w/ extended clamp.

KRK System V8 Series 2 Speakers
Online Price - $399

Makie DFX 12 Mixer
Online Price – $250 - $275

Pro Tools – M Powered 7 software
Online Price - $249 - $305
UZ Price - $125

M-Audio Firewire 1814
Online Price - $380 - $550
18 inch, 14 out fire wire audio/MID/Interfaces w/ adat.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inspiration: Channel Your Subjects

"I've been thinking about/studying Lil' Wayne alot recently. Weird, I know." - Tommie as Wayne in photo above

So I was on recently just checking their new posts out & I came across The Weezy Chronicles and I was IN TEARS watching them! I re posted the link on twitter & next thing I know I have a friends request on a popular social network & upon further investigation I realized it was Mr Weezy Chronicles himself - someone suggested that he add me as a friend, but he didn't know why. LOL.

I'm checking out his blogs & I actually learned a lot about Weezy and became more interested in him actually taking the time to "become" Wayne. In case I didn't mention it, he is indeed an actor and film director - he actually MADE himself Lil Wayne, really studied him but learned more about Wayne once having the make up (tatts) and wig on.

I had a dream last night that IN my dream, I awoke and Lil' Wayne wasn't real. All of the songs and pictures and conversations of him had all been a dream and he was a mere figment of my imagination. So I'm telling people that there was a 5'6 black guy from New Orleans with no facial hair that shot himself and had a daughter before he got famous, then dreaded his hair, took over a multi-million dollar rap label, calls his best friend 'baby' or 'daddy', drinks cough syrup from three stacked styrofoam-cups and for the last two years, has released a mixtape every month for no compensation. And that this man then went on to release an album that sold 1 Million copies in one week, had all of the men wanting to be him and women wanting to be with him and was considered the greatest rapper alive... Nobody believed me or saw it possible. They all laughed at me. So why think it possible after actually seeing it.
(expert from his blog entitled "Dear Journal")

My sole purpose for this post is to actually showcase this man's TALENT as an ACTOR, He captured Lil Wayne so good that it's almost freaky, lol. And then to hear him say the feelings that came over his body while in make up - it wasn't just him doing a Weezy spoof as Tina fey does Palin, he studied him. I recently hit the topic of Winning Over New Fans and mentioned you have to do your homework - it's a lot like acting. You have to get into the minds of the people you are trying to reach, just as he channeled Wayne. You have to know your subject to make your product GREAT - just as Tommie made this "spoof" great!

Funny thing is, I learned more about Wayne while dressed up like him and acting like him. All while dressed up like him, I wasn't clowning and making people laugh. ...... I'd see the tatts in my peripheral and I'd feel a weird clash. Like 'DAMN I feel cool.. BUT, I only feel cool RIGHT NOW. It was SUCH a temporary feeling that that bad side of the situation was trying to FORCE it's way into me. Like one day, this will ALL be over. You can't be the hot 'it' rapper forever. - via convo with me on how it felt to BE Wayne.

I ask that you watch this video & some how gain inspiration. (I hope I didn't get too deep on you guys, LOL.) The rapping scenes are my fav, lol. He DID that ish!

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