Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interview: Yo Gotti

By: CathrynMarie

Digiwaxx: Hey Yo Gotti, its Cathryn from Digiwaxx, how are you?

Yo Gotti: I'm great, what it is?

DW: Chillin, whats going on with you? Where are you at right now?

Yo Gotti:Right now I'm on a tour bus to Orlando, Florida

DW: So you're currently on a promo tour right now, I take it?

Yo Gotti:Yeah, I just did a show in Columbus, Ohio and now heading to Orlando for a show out there. I'm doing shows every weekend somewhere.

DW: That's whats up, not mad at that. You seem to be traveling a lot, what are some of your favorite spots while on the road?

Yo Gotti:I kinda like going everywhere. Its like different cultures when I hit these different spots. I try to reach out to other rappers when I hit there other cities and collab with them.

DW: You recently signed to J Records, how does it feel to be signed to such a major label with label mates of other great talents such as Alicia Keys and Mario? You'll be dropping your first major label album next.

Yo Gotti:Man it feels good. I'm working on the album and trying to make sure we put the perfect plan together.

DW: What made you want to join the Sony Music family verses other labels? I'm sure you had other offers.

Yo Gotti:I think it had to do with their passion and them being determined people. They are like myself so I felt we would make a perfect team.

DW: So you're content with the team you've interacted with thus far on the label?

Yo Gotti:Yeah I'm good. Making moves with them. The first song we put out, it was a top hit record.

DW: You recently made the billboard charts with your first single, "5 Star". That had to be a great feeling. When are you dropping another single?

Yo Gotti: The next single is going to be "Women Lie, Men Lie" and it was recently leaked. The album is "Live from the Kitchen".

DW: Is there an actual date of when you plan to drop the album?

Yo Gotti:No specific date but I'm looking at first quarter.

DW: Who can we expect to hear on the album, production and feature wise?

Yo Gotti:I worked with so many producers, too many to name. On the album,I got a track with Rick Ross. I got a track with Lil Wayne(the second single).

DW: DJ Kay Slay dropped a mix-tape and featured you on one of the singles, Blockstars, (with Ray J, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones & Busta Rhymes) how was it feel working with him?

Yo Gotti:It was cool, I have nothing but respect for Kay. He hit me up and asked me to jump on the track and I was all in. We shot the video for the single not too long ago, he sent the camera crew to me and it was done.

DW: You seem to be putting Memphis on the map.

Yo Gotti:Yeah, I put on for the city!

DW: Any final words for our readers?

Yo Gotti: Cocaine Music 4 mix-tape will be dropping before the album. Hit me on twitter, @yogottikom. MySpace and Facebook, YoGotti. All that sh*t.

For more of Yo Gotti: - - - "5 Star" REMIX with Trina, Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons - Set Me Free

After recently dropping his first mix-tape, "The First Flight", Diggy Simmons is getting more familiar with this music game and has released a new track, "Set Me Free" (Prod by Snake Eyes). Still showing the world he can stand on his own, Diggy, is requesting any doubts and judgments people may have of him be dismissed.


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