Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chopped & Screwed by The Source....

So I get an email from this guy BassMan75, I recently did an interview for him via digiwaxx for The Source. Now, I was HIGHLY aware that it was FOR The Source, so actually saying the interview is FOR The Source or The Source interviewed him, I'm okay with; its the scrolling tot he bottom and seeing "Interview by: Reenae Alexander" REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? My personal writing and someone else takes CREDIT for it?? REALLLYYYYY? wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

The Source, Chopped & Screwed version w/ his music! Below is the REAL interview :/

Picture this, US Hip Hop getting married to Overseas Hip Hp and produces a son; and Bassman75 is what they call him. Born in Luanda, Angola a southern country of Africa and fluent in six, yes SIX, different languages, Bassman is the youngest son of 8 brothers and 2 sisters, raised by a Preacher.

Digiwaxx recently caught up with the ethical rapper/producer/songwriter/African gospel chorale base vocalist to become acquainted with him and his upcoming project. He is seeking to have the Nation become familiar with his style and, do we dare say swag? Yeah, he is worthy for the title of someone with Swagger, after all, we said he speaks SIX different languages. Maybe you aren’t feeling us because we haven’t told you he also raps in FOUR of the six. See! Now you’re with me!!

DigiwaxxMedia: Nice to finally catch up with you. Where do you currently reside right now? I see you’re calling from an international number.

Bassman75: Right now I am in Europe, originally from Africa but currently residing in Europe.

DWM: Oh okay, so are you ever in the States?

BM: I’m always in the States; I go back & forth a lot. I enjoy traveling and do a lot of it.

DWM: Where are you when you’re in the States?

BM: I used to live in Vegas but when I come back now I’m either in Vegas or Minneapolis. I’m in New York sometimes but my Management team is in Minneapolis so I’m out there most.

DMW: I guess that poses the next question, how did you meet your Mgt team?

BM: I put out a mixtape years ago in New York and Jesse James got his hands on it and reached out to me. He liked what he heard and we have been working together for 3 years now. We’ve been pushing realy hard overseas and it’s time to hit the States market. I just got back from a tour in Africa.

DWM: The Africa tour was an HIV/AIDS awareness tour, right?

BM: yes, we worked with organizations and groups to try and help people in Africa with AIDS/HIV and threw free concerts with the effort to help. The concerts were sponsored by Sprite, Coke and a few others; they gave money to help with the cause. I try to help out as much as possible because I am from Africa, so I feel it is my job to help out and find other people to help. Whenever I visit Africa I always bring medicine, clothes and food. It’s a sad situation and it’s real painful to see. 300 million people will die in the next 10-20 years, it’s time to help. Those in power should be doing more and be more concerned about these things; the struggle continues.

DWM: That’s deep! I understand you speak six different languages, what are they?

BM: French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and Kin Kongo, my native language.

DWM: And you rap in four of the six?

BM: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Sometimes I will rap in Kin Kongo. I’ll say something in a different language, something small, and then rely it in English.

DWM: Are you working with any big named Artists on your album and what about producers?

BM: I haven’t really collab’d with any known artists because I want to make a name for myself first. I don’t want to win off of anyone else’s name. I’ve been working with producers in Europe and ATL. I want to be different, “Jamaican Grind” is my first single and I’m looking to make it crossover track.

DWM: Any up and coming shows?

BW: I have a States tour in March, as well as a European tour in the works. I’ll be doing shows in African around the time the album drops in February.

DWM: Okay, hit me with some closing remarks and honorable mentions.

BM: Jesse James, my Manager and One on One Distribution in Arizona. I want my fans to know I am still here and I’m working on pushing real hard. I plan to do it BIG in 2009.

DWM: That’s what’s up! It was a pleasure!

Bassman75’s debut album, “I Got Lucky” drops on February 3rd, 2009. Check him out on the web, and Actually, if you google him, you wont be disappointed!

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