Sunday, November 9, 2008

So You Want To Get On Radio?

Working at The Urban Zone I have had the opportunity to network with a lot of LOCAL artist - some good, some bad. I've put together different avenues for them to showcase their music, including talent shows, artist showcases, free style battles and a host of other things. Of course working on the projects with PARTY 93.3 only got me a host of unwanted cd's that people felt I could give to the radio jock who would then listen to it and then play it on air. THAT'S NOT HOW THE GAME WORKS!

The things that I've NOTICED that work aren't steps many people take. Again, these are just things that I've noticed personally that seem to work, it's not always 100%.

Get the local DJ's to play your music. I would suggest starting at the high school and college parties. If they like your music and request it in the club, it helps with creating a local buzz. Don't even try to waste your time with these wack DJ Organizations, they are charging you an arm & a leg for stuff you can pay someone within your crew to do or you do yourself. Just go to the club, network with the DJ and BAM! If you get a nice amount of DJs spinning your music then I'd suggest going to one of those organizations. I don't believe in charging $250 per track to even LISTEN but hey, I guess DJ's gotta eat too. If you have some already playing your track and then you go to a group of DJs, you'll have more leverage.

Before even going to radio - ask yourself, is your NAME even big enough to be on radio. When I say big, I mean around your home town to where people will be checking for you. Do you have a following? I'd suggest getting out there and networking with other local artist who may have a name but not a deal (next blog will be on that). You know, those artists you grew up on that only your city could relate to? Yea, reach out to them and do stuff with them - get involved in opening up for their shows or just being around them. This is actually great for your Press Kit also.

Doing research on the radio station - do they even play local artist music and when are they playing it. Giving your cd to the morning show would be the most dumbest thing to do in the world, everyone knows that the morning shows cater to talking with listeners and such; not much music is played in the morning. The midday show MAY do it in a MIX - like a lunch time mix and again MAYBE! The evening show may do it after 6pm - this show again is catered to listeners whom call in. The night time show - BINGO! This is where you'd get your play - actually, over night is the best place for local artists to get spins - DO YOUR HOMEWORK THOUGH!!

The research you are doing should also include knowing who the go to person is - please believe me when I say that the radio jock is NOT the go to person. Unless said Jock happens to be the Music Director or Assistant Program Director - THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR DECIDES WHO GETS PLAY!!

Some times radio stations will have steps on how to present music to them. Of course your music must be copy written, otherwise just follow the other procedures that may be listed. It is sometimes possible to set up a meeting with the Program Director. This would entail you calling ahead and setting one up. If you should so happen to be lucky to get a meeting be sure to have CLEAN music with you, along with some sort of Press Kit. PLEASE do not go into the meeting trying to sell yourself with the number of MySpace "hits" you receive. Although it may seem like a HUGE accomplishment to have 500 people hit your page daily, that does not say anything about those people liking your music. So many people are buying software that sends messages to people on MySpace and it's only natural people click on your page to see who the heck you are - getting a hit from them trying to figure out who you are and actually liking your music is TWO different things!

Again, when checking the station out, see if your music even fits with the station. Just because they are a hip hop station and you feel your music is hip hop - your sound may be one that is better on the Pop sounding station. Example - Kanye West is Top 40 & Hip Hop Station related music, find out which one is best for your sound. Expand your mind and step outside of the box. Be sure to check for stations within your STATE and not just your CITY!

I'm sure I am leaving things out but I guess this is a start. I don't know about the other States but Texas REALLY has it easy when it comes to finding EVERYTHING out that you need to know about music. It's on the net & I would say where but then I'd be giving away a secret I'm not ready to part with. KEYWORD: Research and if you're too lazy and don't know how to do such - get someone on your team that does and pay them *ahem* :)

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