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Interview: Raheem Devaughn

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This Week's Exlusive: R & B, Neo Soul Singer, Raheem DeVaughn
Last week, Raheem (@radiorah) dropped a twitter exclusive - the video for his new single, "Bullet Proof" featuring Ludacris (@ludajuice)

Digiwaxx Media: Has social networking sites such as twitter, ustream and facebook allowed Artist's to have more input in marketing projects in areas that labels may overlook?

Raheem DeVaughn: Definitely! The direct connection with fans and music lovers is unbelievable. You learn how egar they are and how much they anticipate your project more hands on.

D.W.: Do you feel such sites can cause harm to an Artist's image or how fans view them?

R.D.: It's all about how you present yourself as an Artist - you have to disclose certain information, not all.

D.W.: What do you love most about these sites?

R.D.: It gives me control of my fan base and the more people that find out what you have going on, mess with it. Some fans with no PC's may feel its an extreme but its helpful. Lets take Soulja Boy for example. He wouldn't be who he is without social networking sites. They allowed him to blow himself up from his bedroom with a PC. It gives us direct connection with the fans as much as possible.

D.W.: Do you feel more Artist's should take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with fans?

R.D.: DEFINITELY! I have been telling people for years to jump on. Some join and others just can't get into it.

D.W.: Recently you dropped a mix-tape to hold fans over until your next album release. How has the response been?

R.D.: The new mix-tape, Art of Noise, is free and people have been downloading it. The response has been good. I did it different this time and didn't press it up. It'll be a collectors edition eventually, something I'll add with my album or something.

D.W.: Digiwaxx Media has over 32,000 DJ's in our database, picking one record off of your mix-tape, which song would you love on their serato?

R.D.: Oh Man, thats a tough one! Picking one song, I'd have to say the "Talk Shit" record. It's a feel good, club record. (download record HERE ft Phil Ade)

D.W.: Let's talk about 368 Music Group, your label and new website ( - you have an Artist you are pushing, who is he?

R.D.: Phil Ade, from the DMV - Maryland. He reminds me of myself when I first came out. I didn't have the opportunity he has had since I stumbled upon him; 21-year-old artist. The biggest thing is Artist's don't know is the formula. Jam Master Jay came across 50 cent and he knew he was dope and showed him some structure. It's the same thing with, Phil. He is very dope and just recently dropped his first mix-tape/LP/EP free online. The first single is, "Hollywood". We plan to have a big video launch using footage in the yard of homecoming. It hasn't even been six months and we've been making noise with him.

D.W.: February 2010, your new album, "Love and War Masterpiece" drops. Is "Bullet Proof" the first single?

R.D.: "Bullet Proof" is the first single, ads are already running on radio. This will be a double CD. It's been a work in progress. I'd have to say it's my best CD thus far.

D.W.: Well we all anticipate the new album and other projects you are apart of. Any last information you want to drop to the readers?

R.D.: Follow me on twitter - Call my Say Now - 202.609.8688. Check out my ustream - . And DEF, if you love hip-hop, check out, Phil Ade!

Raheem DeVaughn featuring Ludacris - "Bullet Proof"

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