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Professionalism: Bloggers vs Artists

It has been some time since I've done a post highlighting "Music Marketing Tips" and after a few recent events, I thought I'd take some time to share a few things. I've actually touched on one or two things before but doesn't help to STRESS the fact again...

First, allow me to share some of my previous postings:

Building The Right Fan Base - Interviews - Tips to Reach New Fans - Networking 101: - **Five Things NOT to do** - Digital Distribution - So You Want to Get on Radio - Copyright Your Work!!

In my **Five Things NOT to do** post I touched on business hours and when not to contact people - ESPECIALLY for the first time. What I felt was common sense when I first wrote it, obviously isn't because this past Saturday night at 11:30 pm I had some strange young man hit me to introduce himself to me. (I've removed the name)

HIM: My name is ____ ima rap artist/song wrighter, is this @MAYORCathrynMarie(twitter name) ?
ME: Yeah, how can I help you
HIM: Oh alright cool, I was just introducing myself that's all. Nice to meet you Cathryn; I got your cell number off your twitter. By the way my twitter is @________ & my myspace music page is :).
ME: You decided to introduce yourself and awaken me @ 11:30pm when I have to be up @ 4am..thanks so much! My last 3 tweets were for u but I'm going to check your music out tomorrow. You better be good for all of this unprofessional business you've conducted..gnite hun
HIM: . . . . . Its only 9pm tho. . . . , you must stay outside of Cali; but yeah sorry for disturbing you while you were sleeping Cathryn. Get some rest, good night :)

Did I mention he TEXTED me? First let me say that my number is posted many places so that people can call me if they see fit - I'm not against that at all. I do however feel that contacting someone for the first time outside of business hours is insane. If you expect someone to be professional with you, you have to be professional. Contacting via email would have been more suitable, at any hour.

Today I received about 8 emails from one young lady; 4 different emails sent twice. Yes, the young lady spammed my inbox today. To make matters worst, she didn't BLIND COPY; she failed twice. Did I mention her emails could have all been one email promoting her and her music vs four separate emails? (Stage name removed as she is not getting promo over here that easy!)

My Reply to her horrid emails:
Dear Shawna, I think I speak for everyone you just mass emailed within the past 5 mins..STOP SPAMMING US AND LEARN HOW TO F*CKING USE BCC! Omg! Are you serious? I think you should consider hiring someone to handle the basic functions of emailing people for network reasons because baby, what you are doing is so not the business. Chances are everyone has deleted your emails w/o opening them because you were so simple minded to use "bcc" and you sent each email like 3 times. How about putting them all together in one email and moving along....if you have a budget, we can talk - small business or official w/ digiwaxx media.

Signed, CathrynMarie!

Her Reply To Me:
first of all don't know you just sending out eblast to everyone in my contacts. you are very unprofessional you don't have to be rude and use profanity just simply don't reply if you don't want to cathryn or who ever you are, learn how to talk to people you could never do business with me not coming off the way you did i deal with professionals only it may have been alot of emails but i have alot of important dj's and record labels that i have to email things more than once too so they can recieve it. may God Bless you and change you, SHAWNA!
check me out at if you don't know who your talking too

My Final Reply To Her:
Sadly you don't know me yet you sent me the emails; what kind of sense does that make? I don't have to be professional once someone displays unprofessionalism. No matter how important the emails were to you, its not that important to us for you to flood us that many times and not blind copy. Heck, not using the bcc alone was unprofessional. And fyi, I used bcc to everyone you emailed and I got a lot of "thank yous", so maybe you need to check yourself. If my coming off unprofessional to you will smarten you up, ill take it. If you're going to play the game, learn how its played first....

Was I wrong? Probably so. Do I care? Hell no! Sometimes it just needs to be said for people to understand. I posted the text and emails so you can see first hand what some of you are sending out and what we are thinking once we get it. If you want a professional response from a blogger, you must present yourself with exactly that - PROFESSIONALISM! Shout out to @MoeArora for the image.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interview: Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y.)

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Def Jam recoding artists, Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y.), had one of the hit singles of 2009 Summer; "Swag Surfin". Dropping their first album, Jamboree in June and recently releasing their mix-tape, the group wants to let the critics know that they are a skilled group and should not be overlooked. The confident group wants to be taken serious as a matured group of young men, letting the world know that not only is the sky the limit but FLY IS DA LIMIT!

Digiwaxx: So tell me, how did you guys all meet and come together?

F.L.Y.:We went to middle school and high school together.

D.W.: How many members form your group and what is everyone's name?

F.L.Y.: It's three of us; Myko McFly, Mook Man, Vee

D.W.:Are you guys originally from Atlanta?

F.L.Y.:Yes we are. Well actually, Stone Mountain, GA. Gotta say that - Stone Mountain

D.W.:(laughs) I see.So tell me about Stone Mountain since you're stressing it so much right now. What's so big about Stone Mountain?

F.L.Y.:For starters, F.L.Y. is from Stone Mountain and we are putting it on the map! And Martin Luther King said it in his "I have a dream" speech. We also have a theme park out here, so everyone comes down to hit it up.

D.W.:Your first single, "Swag Surfin", how did it take off?

F.L.Y.: We dropped our album and then our first single. We planned on it being our first single.

D.W.:How long did it take for the buzz of the single?

F.L.Y.:The single came out last year, July. So the single was taking off in September, basically over nothing. We were performing at a lot of college parties and they college kids took it home and it kind of went from there.

D.W.:I understand you guys have put out a new mix-tape that is showcasing versatility; a different sound from the commercial record you dropped.

F.L.Y.:Right! That's exactly what it is. It's showing that we are versatile.It's called the "Mile Hi Club" and it dropped November 25th. It can be picked up anywhere mix-tapes are sold. Gas stations and all; its everywhere. Where ever you can get it!

D.W.:How has the buzz for the mix-tape been?

F.L.Y.:Yes, the buzz has been great for it.We've been updating our fans on twitter

D.W.:How would you label your style?

F.L.Y.:Music makers! GOOD music markers. We aren't into one type of thing, we are just about making music.We focus on the party side but we also have motivational tracks; we're all well around.

D.W.:Seeing as how you say you make tracks beyond commercial hits, do you have a problem with being labeled as such?

F.L.Y.:I mean,we do make more than dance songs. I don't mind us being labeled for that one song but we're bigger than that tho. We are not one hit wonders.

D.W.:What is next after the mix-tape, new album dropping?

F.L.Y.:Yeah, around February our new album will drop. No name for the album as of yet. Actually it's going to be a street mix-tape vs an album really.

D.W.:Are you guys currently on a tour or anything like that? Like radio tour? One coming up soon?

F.L.Y.:Yeah, we'll be hitting up colleges real soon with "Swag Surfin" and some of our new stuff.

D.W.:Who are you guys looking to work with on your next project?

F.L.Y.:We want to work with everyone - that's the plan. Producer wise and everything, we don't discriminate. We don;t limit ourselves to anything because FLY IS DA LIMIT (laughing)

D.W.:Jerry Springer, final thoughts for the fans?

F.L.Y.:Just sit back and watch. We are much bigger than "Swag Surfin" so be looking out for us. On Twitter: is our group page. Individual pages are,, and Our blog can be found at (Mix-tape download HERE)

By: CathrynMarie

Artist To Watch: Gavin

The Chicago native has been buzzing across the internet a lot lately with his lead single, "Stuck In My Head". Making the move to New York to pursue his music career, Gavin is co-signed by "that 17-year-old girl you keep hearing about", hustleGrl and many others.

Check out "Stuck In My Head" by clicking HERE. Visit for more info and be sure to follow Gavin on twitter;

Artwork by @hustleGrl. Word to @newborneodeo for the heads up

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Artist To Watch: Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons drops "The First Flight" - "I just want my point proven"

It can't be easy being the fourth oldest child within a family where everyone has made a name for themselves while trying to make your own name stand out as more than just "Lil Diggy". Diggy feels people always think he has it easy so a rap career should be a piece of cake, but he's attempting to show his own color. Aside from the much talked about clothing line, Space Cadet, Diggy is dropping his first mix-tape, "The First Flight".

"I worked really hard on this tape independently. It was originally set to come out on Black Friday but I'm just trying to put my best foot forward because I already feel a lot of people don't believe in my project. So I'm gonna go hard the first time instead of asking for forgiveness my second. It's a well rounded mixtape hitting every demographic" - Diggy

The First Flight link: and
Single: Point to Prove link: /
Diggy on Twitter: @diggy_simmons
Search the Trend: #TheFirstFlight
Diggy's Blog:


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Interview: Fat Boi the Producer

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Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

Digiwaxx: How are you doing?
Fatboi: I'm good, trying to stay busy

DW: Well, yeah you seem pretty busy and that's what made me want to reach out to you. You were on twitter talking about being in the studio with Nicki Minaj and I just felt I had to speak to you now. You seem to be in the studio with everyone right now.

FB: Yeah, I.m trying. I'm trying.

DW: So are you currently working with anyone Up Top? I see you're working with a lot of Southern artists.

FB: Umm, Up Top? Busta. Lupe, well that's Chicago.

DW: Naw, that's good! That's HOT! He's my personal favorite artist.

FB: Oh really?!? Yeah, well Atlantic just took some tracks for him, for his up and coming album. Mase, (laughing). Mase is coming back out. He recently released from Bad Boy. Well, he's still Bad Boy but he is able to work with outside producers now. Ummm, Jim Jones. I have a few guys from Up Top. Oh, Jada Kiss. He's on the "Wasted" remix now.

DW: Your sound is very different and all, who inspired you coming up?

FB: Being bi-coastal and growing up in California and Atlanta, I like it all. Producer wise, it was Organized Noise, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Quincy Jones. Those are the producers that I really just paid attention to and loved everything that they did.

DW: Okay, with that being said. Are you working with any R and B cats? We kind of know you as the big time Hip Hop producer, are you contributing to any R and B albums?

FB: Yeah, I do everything. I don't want to be labeled as Hip Hop producer because I do music and I don't just do Hip Hop. I grew up in music, I didn't just grow up in Hip Hop. Being that in urban society, it was what was it was in my grasp and easy for me to pick up to get into the music business. It all started from DJing, I was a DJ first. Michael Jackson was my musical inspiration and I kind of wanted to be like Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. My brother and I used to pretend like we were the Jacksons (laughing). (writers note: Fatboi is currently working with Bobby Valentino)

DW: So how long have you been producing? You name has been blowing up fast; this year has been good to you.

FB: Yes, I've been blessed. Producing, I started making beats in like '91. I started working in studios around '95, no more like '97. Once I started working in studios and moving around and working with people. I went to Philly for a while trying to break into the music business. I came to Atlanta, went back to Savannah and in '98 that's when Pure Pain was getting off the ground with "Camouflage". And thats when I got my first major placement in 2001 with "Cut Friends". From there, I've been behind the scene's. I was with Pure Pain until 2006 and after that it was time for me to spread my wings and let the world get to know me.

DW: "Wasted" is your biggest track but I'm sure you've done other hot tracks. What are some cuts that people may rock to that we not realize is yours?

FB: yeah, "Wasted" is my break out track but I did a track with Jeezy and Trey Songz on Jeezy's last album, "The Recession", "Taking it there". Did a record with Flo Rida on his first album called, "All my Life". Gorilla Zo. I had Gorilla Zo's second single off of his first album. I don't even remember songs anymore (laughing), "Trying to make a jug". Did a record for Rocko's album called, "Priceless". I did a record called "Drifter" for Shawty Redd which brought on "Sexual Eruption". Snoop wanted to buy the record from me but I didn't want to sell it. I felt getting a two for one was better, so "Sexual Eruption" came from the "Drifter" record. I did a few things here and there.

DW: That's whats up. So you're currently working with Plies, correct?

FB: Yeah, I'm currently working with Plies, Nelly, Luda - some of everybody.

DW: Recently, Dawaun Parker, Dr Dre's protégée, was asked what kind of equipment he uses and he said he wasn't going to answer that. Is it possible to mimic the sound of another producer if knowing the equipment? Are you against sharing tips to other producers.

FB: I don't want people to know what I use but at the same time another producer is not going to use it the way I use it. A lot of times, a lot of us use the same sounds, its all how you tweak. I may hear a sound another producer uses, but it doesn't inspire me. I use an MPC and a lot of producers you it, its common. But a lot of producers don't have my sound so it doesn't matter if someone knows I use an MPC.

DW: Do you have a signature sound? We can listen to Timbaland and Neptunes and know its a track by them. Do you feel you have your own distinctive sound?

FB: Yeah, I think so. A lot of people pick up on my drum rolls, my high-hats and the thickness of my tracks. I try to make sure they are fat all the way around and not too thin. I really like people to feel the music. Its real bottom heavy but its real music in it to.

DW: Well, I appreciate your time. Is there anything you want to let the people know personally? Clothing line dropping (both laughing), a record label or anything?

FB: We have a label, my partners and I, Big Ron and Roc, called Black Shield Ent. We have a few artists on the label that we are molding. Jason Caesar is probably going to be our break out artist, he's a Pop artist. He is Shirley Caesar's great-nephew. We have a few projects on the table, we out here working. We also have an R & B/Pop artist, Meesa and a rapper, Remy. Got a few in-house producers also, we are trying to be a force in the industry.

DW: That's whats up. What's the best way for people to connect with you?

FB: If anyone wants to get in touch with me, the best way is Twitter (@FatBoiBeats). I have a myspace ( but I don't use it much so Twitter is the best way. Also check out:,,

DW: Thanks again....

By: CathrynMarie

Interview: Taj the Director

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Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

This Week's Exclusive: Video and Photographer, Taj Stansberry (@taj_mahall), known by many as just Taj or Taj Mahall. The Oakland, California native is one of the youngest in the video directing game but his client list stacks high, if not higher, compared to some of his friendly competitors. With two major projects dropping as soon as this up and coming week and weeks ahead, get to know the man behind the camera of Ryan Leslie and The Dream's future work.

Digiwaxx: Taj!! First off, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. As I stated before, I have been following YOU for a while now, dating back to when you were rapping and in a group with I.V.A.N. and Jimmie Reign, I also know you did photography at that time. Rocking three hats (rapping, photography and director) what made you push ahead with directing?

Taj Stansberry: With the rap world, I was basically weighing it out; whats the chance of making money doing it - quick money? Photography was doing it but I needed more. So I picked up a camera and started shooting videos. I hit up groups and asked to film them in hopes that people would see it and soon want to pay me and it happened. My first major project was shooting Rihanna in Europe and then I signed to an agency and began getting recognition.

D.W.: Originally from the Bay Area, Oakland to be exact, did you select Los Angeles as your choice of residence for opportunity?

Taj: I moved to New York when I was 18, I liked it but it wasn't for me so I chose L.A. to live close to home. Plus my agency is in L.A. It just seemed like the place to be. I met a few producers to network and produce with and jobs just came in.

D.W.: And who have you worked with exactly?

Taj: Nas ("Hero"), Ne-Yo ("Part of the List"), Rihanna ("Don't Stop The Music"), Usher, Musiq Soulchild ("So Beautiful"), Lil Wayne, Electric Red, Jada Kiss ("Who's Real"), Swizz Beats, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous and The Dream, to name a few.

D.W.: Being young and in the game, who do you look up to? Do such directors like Hype, Dr. Teeth or Boomtown inspire you?

Taj: I've always looked up to Hype. His eye is great, movement is amazing and dynamic. He is very unique and deserves all the credit he gets. Overall, our styles are different. I'm more narrative. Anthony Mandler (Jay Z - "D.O.A.", "Run This Town", Rihanna - "Russian Roulette", "Wait Your Turn" and more) took me under his wing and showed me the way. Showed me other things.

D.W.: How does it feel to see your work on BET/MTV?

Taj: I'm numb because I've seen the video so many times during the editing process, and I don't watch a lot of TV. I was there and looking at it shot by shot. I want to be excited. When I saw Musiq Soulchild's video I was very excited about it and it was a solid piece of of film making. I do enjoy the process and get more excitement creating it verses seeing it. I love the creativity process.

D.W.: Some would say that you actually love what you're doing if that's the case. With that being said, who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

Taj: Well the obvious and everyone asks when it will happen; Jay Z. We've gone back and forth on a few projects but just have yet to seal a deal. He's a great artist. Nas is number two. I have done a video for him and working with him was amazing. Sade, Coldplay, POD, Kanye, Cinematic Orchestra are others. I want to take it against the grain and have a different feel, work with someone like Britney (Spears) and make things raw. Let's do some sh*t where you like I've never seen of her where she is acting and narrative; bad girl verses stripper girl type of work.

Photo by Gab The Producer

D.W.: So what's next? I recall on twitter, you spoke of a project with Ryan Leslie and The Dream.

Taj: Ryan Leslie just released his new album, "Transition", and we did a short film for it, "Making of Transition", a 30 to 45 minute film. It's a great love story, based on real life, with a guy who is an over achiever and when it comes to this one woman he tries to use the same attitude but learns the same rules do not apply. It was an honor to have him ask me to capture it. It's a true story. Great person to work with. He is cool with you personally while on the set but also grinding. It releases probably, December 6th, 2009.

I was set to shoot The Dream's "Fancy" video but things switched up last minute and we shot a video for "Sweat It Out", which should be dropping next week sometime (this week).

D.W.: Sounds like your plate is full. Well, I appreciate your time, once again. Any last words for the people?

Taj: I have a new blog, - check it out! I've been working on it. I'm still young and black. I'm trying to brand myself because when on set I look like the artist verses the director and I'm often looked at as that, an artist. I have the tattoo's and dress in hip hop attire. It's a marketing game no matter what and I just want people to know I have it. My blog allows people to get in my head - its my diary.

Check out Taj online: - - -

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Interview: Steph Jones

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Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

This Week's Exclusive: R & B singer and model, Steph Jones, once signed to Ludacris’ label, DTP, affectionately known as “Mr. Ordinary”, the title of his hit single and clothing line, who is now adding actor to his list of accomplishments.

Digiwaxx Media: Heyyy, Steph Jones Music!!

Steph Jones: (laughing). Did you see my picture? I have the internet going wild! (speaking on him dressing as a woman for Halloween –,,

D.W.: (laughing). Yes, you are a fool!

S.J.: It’s what I wanted anyway, to get people talking.

D.W.: Okay, well let’s jump right in then – first question, do you have an album coming out? (laughing). Was it a publicity stunt? (joking).

S.J.: The costume was a last minute decision and I was trying to think of a way to top last year. I’m secure with my manhood and thought it would be fun.

D.W.: I personally felt it was very funny. You reminded me of B Scott, actually (laughing).

S.J.: I had fun and again, people are talking; I win!

D.W.: Recently you dropped a mix-tape, Gravity, is this project one leading up to you breaking news of being signed or what?

S.J.: Honestly, the way the music scene is going right now and the way I am able to move without answering to anyone and still do even more than those with budgets; I’m comfortable. I landed a role in my first film and just finished filming it; “Feel”. People are gravitating to the movement and like my music. I’m getting the most I can out of all of this.

D.W.: Nice! So what else do you have going on?

S.J.: Well, I’m getting ready for my mix-tape release party tonight in LA. I have one in Houston on November 10th and also one in Atlanta on November 14th. I’m starting my movie career and also in the process of getting management. Everything that I’ve done thus far has been done by me and I am now putting together a team to assist me.

D.W.: It’s safe to say that since everything is done by yourself then your mix-tape was only released on twitter?

S.J.: I sent it to a few bloggers who posted it on their site before I leaked it on twitter and it kind of went from there. I’m glad people have some substance that they can share with their grandkids and so on.

D.W.: Can you talk about the movie you have just wrapped up?

S.J.: Not too much but I can talk about my role. The film is cast with an artist on Hollywood Records, Marie’ Digby, as the lead in the movie. It’s a love story and it all intertwines with her album and more. I’m the DJ and love interest of Marie’s role. It’s a lot of back and forth with really cool elements. The director, Brett Leonard (“Lawmower Man”, “Hideaway”) walked up to me and said, “You have a lot of talent and I want to work with you”; it’s been an amazing experience.

D.W.: I recently saw your new comp card for modeling, is this something you are pursuing again or more of?

S.J.: The comp card picture was for a celebrity wall and they just used my new pictures. I’m active in modeling, doing it via direct bookings as apposed to auditions. 2010 I am apart of a Reebok campaign that will be something like my Live Mechanics campaign. Them advertising me as an artist and including information about me; I’m doing jobs that make sense.

D.W.: Digiwaxx Media has over 32,000 DJ's in our database, picking one record off of your mix-tape, which song would you love on their serato?

S.J.:Galactic 2” featuring Auto Push. I was kind of nervous about this track because I’m not singing as much, almost talking most of it and featuring them but the record came to my soul when I was in the booth and a lot of people play the record. Last weekend they played Drake at the club I was at and then played “Galactic 2” and the people loved it. They asked the DJ what song it was – it revived the club.

D.W.: Well, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I know you have to get ready for your party. Any last parting words for the readers?

S.J.: Continue to download and support the mix-tape. I have an animation cartoon in talks right now, “Mr. Ordinary” with a company overseas. IT’S ABOUT TIME! It’s at a time that I’m coming and people are starting to see whats true and not true in the music industry. Artists have to have more than a song, a one hit, they have to have a brand. Other bloggers who never showed me any attention have noticed my progression. It’s okay to be your own ‘Ordinary’ – carbon copies come out to light. You’ll see!

Follow Steph on twitter - Listen to Steph’s “Lifetape” via, if you love it (which you will) download it! Check him out on MySpace and visit his website,

Fun Steph Jones Memory – check him out as the leading man in Destiny Child’s “Jumpin, Jumpin” video :)

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Interview: Raheem Devaughn

As posted on - Interview conducted by ME! :)

Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

This Week's Exlusive: R & B, Neo Soul Singer, Raheem DeVaughn
Last week, Raheem (@radiorah) dropped a twitter exclusive - the video for his new single, "Bullet Proof" featuring Ludacris (@ludajuice)

Digiwaxx Media: Has social networking sites such as twitter, ustream and facebook allowed Artist's to have more input in marketing projects in areas that labels may overlook?

Raheem DeVaughn: Definitely! The direct connection with fans and music lovers is unbelievable. You learn how egar they are and how much they anticipate your project more hands on.

D.W.: Do you feel such sites can cause harm to an Artist's image or how fans view them?

R.D.: It's all about how you present yourself as an Artist - you have to disclose certain information, not all.

D.W.: What do you love most about these sites?

R.D.: It gives me control of my fan base and the more people that find out what you have going on, mess with it. Some fans with no PC's may feel its an extreme but its helpful. Lets take Soulja Boy for example. He wouldn't be who he is without social networking sites. They allowed him to blow himself up from his bedroom with a PC. It gives us direct connection with the fans as much as possible.

D.W.: Do you feel more Artist's should take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with fans?

R.D.: DEFINITELY! I have been telling people for years to jump on. Some join and others just can't get into it.

D.W.: Recently you dropped a mix-tape to hold fans over until your next album release. How has the response been?

R.D.: The new mix-tape, Art of Noise, is free and people have been downloading it. The response has been good. I did it different this time and didn't press it up. It'll be a collectors edition eventually, something I'll add with my album or something.

D.W.: Digiwaxx Media has over 32,000 DJ's in our database, picking one record off of your mix-tape, which song would you love on their serato?

R.D.: Oh Man, thats a tough one! Picking one song, I'd have to say the "Talk Shit" record. It's a feel good, club record. (download record HERE ft Phil Ade)

D.W.: Let's talk about 368 Music Group, your label and new website ( - you have an Artist you are pushing, who is he?

R.D.: Phil Ade, from the DMV - Maryland. He reminds me of myself when I first came out. I didn't have the opportunity he has had since I stumbled upon him; 21-year-old artist. The biggest thing is Artist's don't know is the formula. Jam Master Jay came across 50 cent and he knew he was dope and showed him some structure. It's the same thing with, Phil. He is very dope and just recently dropped his first mix-tape/LP/EP free online. The first single is, "Hollywood". We plan to have a big video launch using footage in the yard of homecoming. It hasn't even been six months and we've been making noise with him.

D.W.: February 2010, your new album, "Love and War Masterpiece" drops. Is "Bullet Proof" the first single?

R.D.: "Bullet Proof" is the first single, ads are already running on radio. This will be a double CD. It's been a work in progress. I'd have to say it's my best CD thus far.

D.W.: Well we all anticipate the new album and other projects you are apart of. Any last information you want to drop to the readers?

R.D.: Follow me on twitter - Call my Say Now - 202.609.8688. Check out my ustream - . And DEF, if you love hip-hop, check out, Phil Ade!

Raheem DeVaughn featuring Ludacris - "Bullet Proof"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist To Watch: Tony J

There was NO way I was going to let today pass without posting this track - this is rather personal for me :).

Tony J, Tony J! Where do I begin? I've always loved his voice - his southern mannerism and genuine friendship lead to my feeling confident to Manage him as an Artist - hey, I had a DJ and a Radio Jock, an Artist should be easy! SIKE LOL! My craft is Marketing and I learned from him that I needed to stay in my own lane and not try to wear 50 hats (as so many of us try to do in this "game"). He was patient and understanding - I was down to do all of the writing and marketing he needed but Managing was not something I wanted to mess up with him because he is far too talented to be my test dummy. Fast forward to 2009 and Twitter - a good "Tweep" of mine, @MoeArora, who I have admired and respected some how networked with my talented friend, Tony and is now managing him; I'm FAR too excited!

Putting a few touches on his "You Need A Man" Single, Tony J is marking his place on the scene and well, plans to be here "Forever" (

Download and Listen To "You Need A Man"

With the new generation of R&B artists singing tales of promiscuous lifestyles, today’s R&B music has lost its connection with love and romance. Houston native, Tony J, wants to change that.

Having been raised in Houston (a primarily hip-hop market), Tony’s musical influences range from 90s R&B artists like Case, Avant and Jagged Edge, to the Houston-born Chopped & Screwed style, pioneered by the late DJ Screw. This vast range offers a unique twist to Tony J’s music.

From the vocals he records, to the words he sings, to the music he composes - Tony J is a well-rounded artist and musician.

With his first single, “U Need a Man”, Tony J is bringing romance back to R&B

For all inquiries, please contact Moe Arora
→ 404.939.3818

*side note* If you have yet to utilize Twitter for networking to your advantage - let this be a "wake up call"...Tony is in Houston and Moe is in CANADA! Yes - the power of Twitter! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Artist To Watch: (Vote For) ESSO

Literally "the kid next door" - at least that's my personal thoughts of, Esso (@HiEsso). No huge ego, no flashy jewelry, not dissing other artists - just your every day dude; yet he is an ARTIST! How can this be? A rapper with personality, loyal to the people who support him, humble, physically out networking on the scene and not having a rep do it, and supports other artists? Thats unheard of in 2009!! If you haven't heard of Esso - allow me to introduce you.

Currently working on his debut album, EVOLVED, Esso's Michael Jackson tribute inspired video for, "Don't Stop", off his latest mix-tape project, "Off The Wall", can be seen on MTVu, MTV2, MTVJams. Featured on your favorite bloggers, favorite blog - his internet buzz is noteworthy. Magazines from XXL to YRB and more, have all jumped aboard the "Esso Experience" train; the dude has a bright future ahead! Check the credentials if ya don't believe me: About Esso.

1 of 5 nominee's for MTVu, Freshmen video, Esso needs YOUR vote! Don't just vote because I asked you to (well you should, but I'm saying), vote because the video is actually mad dope. So watch the video and then take your happy tail over to MTVu and vote :) Young and Influential Music - get familiar!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humor: Maronzio Vance Hearts Ja Rule

Comedian, Maronzio Vance, woke up one day and "found three Ja Rule CD's and I know I didn't buy them".

Dude is mad funny, he keeps me in stitches on twitter, although I had to tell him to tone down the Whitney bashing LOL. Anyway, check out how "livid" Maronizo was when he found these CD's, lol....

If you've never seen, Maronzio's, "Puffy is Poison" video rant - it is also a must see LOL (*disclaimer* the things said in this video are in no way shape or form my personal feelings LOL)

Also see: Puffy Is Poison Part 2

Maronizo on the web: - Myspace/Maronzio - Twitter/MaronzioVance - Youtube/Maronzio - Facebook/iamMaronzioVance

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Digiwaxx Showcase Tour

Click Image to View Large

The BLAST LIVE: @DigiwaxxMedia Showcase Tour! NOW BOOKIN shows in ATL, FL & NV! GET ON NOW! or your account rep for more info!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Digital Distribution

Click Image For Larger View

Digital Distribution
Get Your Music on ITunes and a host of other digital stores

Cut the middle man out and regain control of your own album sales!

Easy as 1….2….3
Submit your album(s)
Submit art work
Allow up to 4 weeks for album(s) to appear online
Receive payments of downloaded music via pay pal
Your sales are automatically reported to Soundscan

USA, Canada, Mexico Digital Stores (Europe, Australia & Asia stores avail also)
iTunes, iTunes Canada, Rhapsody, Napster Canada, Napster, Puretracks Canada, eMusic, eMusic Canada, AmazonMP3, Astral, Gospel Depot, Futureship/BestBuy, Urge(MTV), Choose Your Songs (Universal), V-Cast (Verizon), Carlson Marketing, Audio Lunchbox, Sasktel, Puretracks USA, Aliant, Univision, Bell, Best Buy Digital Music Store, Much Music (Chum), Circuit City Digital Music Store, B3, Napster Mobile, Music To Go, AT&T Wireless, Astral, Cellular One, AOL Canada, SunCom Wireless, Telus, Zune, iMesh Canada, Synacor, FYE, iMesh, iTunes Mexico, DMX/SonicTap, Music Gremlin, LAC, Push Button

Ready To Get Started? Contact Cathryn Marie at or 832.884.4690

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Mix-tape: Chris Classic

You’ve seen his face and highlights of his AMAZING accomplishments; it is with great pleasure to feature product for all of you to listen to. American Music Award winner, producer, rapper, Chris Classic, has just dropped his summer mix-tape for the masses. The Mix-tape contains original songs and remixes of some hot new records by Maxwell, Cassie, Albe Back, Ryan Leslie & Nipsey Hussle.

“Easily one of the best complete works of any hip hop artist in a while, major or independent, Summer Classic Mixtape has original joints and remixes including Albe Back/ Maxwell/Ryan Leslie/ Cassie and Nipsey Hussle. There isnt one song that you should skip. The confidence of the MC can be seen from start to finish, even his mixtape cover proudly professes NOT FEATURING LIL WAYNE, DRAKE OR KANYE WEST.. The rest you'll have to hear for yourself, he goes in.”

Chris Classic Mixtape:
To listen first -

To download complete mixtape:

My Prayer- aka Industry Ether. This is probably what D.O.A would sound like if maybe Chuck D did it.
Enough said. Watch the video

Lovin the new site, Chris! Great work on the art work - not bad for just learning :) love you bunches!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Artist To Watch: Producers Special - Dawaun Parker

One of my favorite men in life - he rocks something major :) 2009 has proven that 2010 will indeed be Dawaun Parker's year! Featured Interview
Dawaun Parker Interview
Author: Adam Bernard

Those who still buy CDs and read liner notes are already familiar with the name Dawaun Parker. The Dr. Dre protégé has produced records for some of the biggest names in the biz, including Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes. Currently Parker is working on Detox and with everyone wanting to know more about the album like if it's ever going to be released, RapReviews caught up with Parker to get as many of the details as he could reveal.

Adam Bernard: Start everyone off by taking us into the studio with you and Dre. What were your initial thoughts on Dre when you first started working with him and experienced his working style?

Dawaun Parker: That it was rigorous. You put in a lot of time. There was definitely a wow factor there when seeing the equipment and the precision and the top quality material that we were using. The first time I walked into the studio I remember being a little awe struck just by the sight of how everything looked. It was like a spaceship with all the lights and things like that. It wasn't like I was completely unfamiliar with what everything was either and we just went right to work. The day that I met him and he heard me play and heard what I could do, we started to work that day and it's pretty much been nonstop.

AB: Is Detox ever really going to come out or is it like a dragon or a unicorn, is it a mythical creature that we just keep hearing about?

DP: I've used the term unicorn because of the amount of time that people have been hearing about this project and everyone's anticipation for it. We are definitely working and all I'm able to say is that it's up to Dre to make a decision when he wants to push the button, but otherwise we've been working. It's not like an album he was working on before I met him and I think the misconception with that album is that people started talking about it and he announced the title before he even started to work on it. When he announced the title he probably didn't realize how much weight, anytime he says something how much people put on that. For years they've been hearing this thing, but you haven't heard much from him because he either wasn't working on it, or was waiting for a time period, but we're working right now and we'll see. I know we're pushing for it to be very soon.

AB: Do you have an approximation of how many tracks were made and how many were thrown away?

DP: No, I will know that when there's a track listing. When that's decided I'll know how many things, but it's not like a whole bunch of things have been thrown away. I think that we use a good amount of the material that we create.

AB: I know you have to keep most of it under wraps, but musically, how would you say it compares to the two Chronic releases?

DP: I just think that it's a forward progression. I think that there will be reflections of what's going on now, the fact that it's 2009/2010, I think that you'll hear elements that you recognize as Dre and you'll hear a crop of new artists, you'll hear some veterans and you'll hear a result of his new people, one of them being me. I think that we'll all contribute to it. It's having the Dre stamp, but being a full progressing record and we hope that we can give it some classic appeal.

AB: Give me a story or two from inside the studio during a session that was notably crazy.

DP: For me, always the best things for me is when I get to witness a musical display on a really high level. All of the Em session were great. One time I played live hi-hat and Em rapped strictly in my ear and I was improvising based on what he was doing with his vocals and the cadences and the rhythm changes that he was doing. He heard me play on some hi-hat stuff and he said "I like what you're doing there. Let me rap to you and just match it based on what you're doing, what you hear and what I'm doing." We recorded that and that was a pretty cool experience. That was like a hybrid of improvisation and Hip-Hop at its utmost. Basically, all of my first experiences were working with people that I've been big fans of, Busta Rhymes, 50, all of em just not really having a huge preconception of what their personalities were but just being like what is it gonna be. Someone like Busta, he came in full of energy and loud and everything like on his records and just seeing that personality be genuine even outside of the booth, those are the moments that I appreciate.

AB: You've been behind the boards for a number of prominent artists including Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes. Working with huge names like that can oftentimes leave a young producer overshadowed, so tell me a little bit about the history of Dawaun Parker. Where are you from and how did you end up on Aftermath?

DP: I'm from the east coast, from New England, born in Rhode Island and grew up near Boston. My musical past started for me around high school, probably the middle of high school was when I really stared getting involved with local people in the area who were making tracks and involved in Hip-Hop, just kind of as a fan. Quiet as kept, as small as a market that is and with a lack of mainstream exposure, at least the Hip-Hop culture and the underground scene is very very active and there are a lot of opportunities for people to be involved. When I was as senior in high school I used to ride up twice a month to the city and go to open mics and stuff like that and try to freestyle. It definitely was a hobby and it started to develop into a real passion, so I guess it was more that love and that curiosity that was the key that made me find any outlet. I would listen to URI college radio station after school because for like three hours after school they would have their underground hip-hop station and I would try to get better by using my own ear as a judge or a guide. By the time I was ready to finish high school the desire to make music professionally started to really become prominent and I applied to Berkeley, which is a pretty prominent music school. I got in and from there it was kinda like where I really started to try to perfect my instrument and perfect making tracks and really starting to get into the production of line. In terms of me getting with Dre, a guy that I met just before I went to school was an A&R in the business and he just remembered my name or my ability so when he became an assistant to Dre in 2005 that led to an opportunity for me to audition, so to speak, and from then on I've never looked back.

AB: All of the names I listed before are of older artists, even 50 isn't exactly a spring chicken. Have you found that your youth has helped you contribute some ideas and concepts that the older generations might not have thought of?

DP: Maybe not have thought of, but I think that a lot of times when you're working with a veteran they've been doing their thing for a while and their focus may not be to say what is the very next new craze or thing that's happening. I think that whether I want it or not, my youth and my lifestyle and everything will come out in my conversation and in suggestions that I make with music with things that I like or things that reflect what my tastes are or what I'm listening to right now, so I think that's the thing that I'm looking to provide.

AB: A lot of producers end up jumping on the mic. Are you going to be one of those producers that ends up trying to emcee?

DP: Forgive me if I can correct you with "trying," I'm gonna do it. I got bars, son. I'm definitely gonna be on the mic. I was just working on a vocal and some stuff last night into the morning for Dre. I definitely think I'm going to follow a lot of the trail and the path that he led. Again, when I first got into being a fan of this culture and all that I used to freestyle all the time, rap all the time, and when I started making beats that kind of fell back. Also from a place of knowing everyone raps, everyone and their mother raps. With me there hasn't been a need to embrace that thing as well because there are so many people doing it, but as I have gotten more and more into songwriting, as I've advanced and grown in my career and seen what opportunities are able to develop, I've done a few live shows with my group and the response has been good so I'm gonna keep going with it. The group is The GodBody. It's a project of mine that I put together before I got my Aftermath deal and I've been continuing it. It's some organic Hip-Hop, I'd say A Tribe Called Quest meets G-Unit meets The Roots. We play with a live band. It's me and an emcee, but I do all of the production and vocally I'll be on there, as well. I think we have a lot of good material and we're really about to start building our grassroots founding.

You can find out more about Mr. Parker and his work at
Originally posted: July 21, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspiration: RIP Michael Jackson

Chamillionaire just posted this exclusive video footage of his Camera Man, Massa, visiting Gary, IN. It is a rather touching and emotional piece; I just had to share! RIP MICHAEL JACKSON!

original post

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Networking: Producer Donnie Scantz

"Top reasons you should follow @MRSCANTZ"

Since my Tweeps are being difficult and acting brand new, I thought I'd bring my "Top reasons you should follow @MRSCANTZ" to the music heads who follow me over here and would appreciate following the talented producer!!

Donnie Scantz, music producer, musician, songwriter, two time Grammy Nominee and the man with the key for the 688 unreleased Prince tracks!! Founder of State of Emergency, a music and extreme lifestyle allegiance dedicated to producing R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock. Artists under his belt: Aaliyah ("I Don't Wanna"), Toni Braxton ("Christmas in Jamaica"), Usher ("Yeah!" - Grammy nom track), Ludacris ("Pimpin' All Over the World"), J. Holiday ("Ghetto", "Sooner You Get to Love"), Danity Kane ( "2 of You") and Chris Brown ("Throwed") and MORE..........

He is looking to reach the 1800 mark of twitter followers and I am doing all I can, as the Mayor of Twitter, to assist him w/ this goal!! I WANT THE PRINCE MUSIC, lol....

So if you're on twitter and you're looking for someone COOL to follow - make Mr Scantz that man! He is a producer who speaks back w/ his followers and is appreciative of everyone who follows him...Did I mention he was from Houston and cousin of producer Bryan-Michael Cox? Talent is in the veins! Don't sleep on, Donnie!! He has an ear for talent - I'm not saying spam him with your music, but build that twitlationship and see what happens. I know he is welcoming interns and such at times - who knows!

Donnie on the web: - -

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Mix-tape: Bertell - Chocolate Citty

I know my Buddy think I have left him hanging but I've really just been ripping around all week and haven't gotten around to listening to his new mix-tape; YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, B!

I try to look out for good people, and Bertell is no exception. The Houston bred artist moved to ATL because the scene is so cold hearted here, I've always had his back since we met and I won't stop now!

Dropping his Chocolate City Mix-Tape last week, the R & B crooner is under the watchful eye of mega hit producer, Bryan-Michael Cox. With all of the rap hitting the scene lately, it's refreshing to have some quality R & B music to listen to.

I recall when I first met Bertell he came to the Mall that I worked for, Sharpstown, and was hanging with the radio jocks & other persons of similar credentials, like he was someone important (lol). I later invited him to do perform at a Block Party we were having in the mall, my 1st time seeing him I was impressed with his vocals & stage pressence. *side note* Did I mention that B has one of the best wrapped Suburbans ever? lol

Look for Bertell's, Go Hard, album dropping sometime this year. In the meantime, check out Chocolate City, as well as his single, She Bad Ft Bun B. Follow him on twitter, @YoungBertell, sometimes he goes LIVE on JustinTV - Be sure to hit him on MySpace too -

Friday, June 5, 2009

Artist To Watch: The Show

Life is so simple when an Artist you dig personally has a track you actually like; "I Does" by The Show featuring Mannie Fresh, is indeed that track.

The New Orleans, Louisiana born Artist cannot go wrong with having the main ingredient behind Cash Money Records previous success. Let's be real, without dope production, a song can and only will go so far.........

Working on his debut album, No Business Like Show Business, the first single is "I Does"....Take a listen and you be the judge.....

PS - expect to SEE and HEAR a lot from The Show - the Best Damn Publicist is on the job! Congrats on the new client, Nancy B!! :)..ohh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!! Love ya much!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Texas Music Conference - Sniper Squad DJ's


Sniper Squad DJ Retreat/Ballin for Peace Streetball Tour/Artist Invasion in Houston, Texas July 10-12th.

Expect a host of training and seminars to help DJs, Artists and Artist Management. There will be software and hardware training, seminars that teach the DJs and Artists about trademarking their names, creating their DJ services a business and Artists to create their own record label.

It's not all just hard work and no play though, the Sniper Squad DJ's will be hosting a Ballin for Peace basketball game that will involve the community and a Artist invasion concert with unsigned and signed artist from around the world coming to perform

For more information, read over the Sniper Squad DJs Conference PDF and visit

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Mix-tape: Mario - What The Game's Been Missing

As many of you know, I'm TOTALLY in love with Mario and have been since Nov of 04. Met him in Dallas at a label listening party and he touched my soul LOL. I love it when he comes to town because its always a good time and this weekend was NO exception. Mario and comedian, Kevin Hart, are currently hosting the Burger King Fam Fest - a mini tour coming to a city near you.

While in Houston, Mario did radio and spoke on a mix-tape that he recently dropped - how in the hell did I miss this? lol..I'm not a downloading type of person, but 09 has changed me. First Drake, then my Brother RL's (from NEXT), Dont Talk Just Listen mix-tape and now Mario! I may seem biased but I promise I'm not when I say, I TRULY appreciate the R & B sound that RL & Mario are hitting us with! FYI - RL REALLY put me on to Drake, he is always reminding me so I got to give him credit LOL...

I'll let YOU be the judge...Mario's, What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape featuring his DJ, DJ Aktive, along with Don Cannon & hosted by Ant Live. "Break Up", Mario's current single, is also featured on the mix-tape....Be sure to hit Mario up on twitter - he runs his own shit;

Pics from this weekend at the club......Shout out to "The Crew" - LC, Leslie & Charlie Hustle!...Mad love to Mario, Aktive, and Coop!

Charlie Hustle and Mario

Mario You see it!



Mario in the DJ Booth *side note - DJ Good Grief was HORRIBLE*

Mario put on a mini show...bong bong {(c) Sterling Simms} to the breezy who tried to tongue him down LOL


Candy Girl & Mario (Coop, I see you STYLIN in all black back there lol)

Mario, (unknown), Jay & My Charlie Hustle..

Mario "Loving you, loving you, loving you...When I'm, when I'm...Loving you, loving you ...Why would you wanna break up?"

He is such a beautiful human being :)

DJ Aktive and Mario

DJ Aktive gettin busy!

What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Texas Music Conference's in June 09

Starting June 3rd - June 28th, Dallas and Houston, Texas are hosts of three major music conferences

A lot of people are unaware of this fact, so I thought I would share the info and allow you to decide which conference best fits your needs:

Third Annual R.E.A.L. HOUSTON Music Conference's put together by OJ Ron C and the GO DJs in Houston, Texas. June 3rd - June 7th, 2009....

This conference doesn't seem to offer much, the itinerary shows a lot of partying and titty bar action; I guess they'll fit some music knowledge in there some where. The sponsors are Atlantic Records, Rap A lot and JIVE Records. T Pain is hosting one party and Bun B is hosting another which are on Wed & Thurs. Not really Music Conference Days but one can only assume these are pit stops before heading off to Dallas. No other special guests or hosts are listed to be apart of the Panels. For more information visit,

Second Annual Texas Urban Music Summit hosted by the Core DJs, Definition DJs,, & Richmind Records in Dallas, TX. June 5th - June 7th, 2009......

The itinerary for this conference has yet to be posted but the panelists involved alone makes this summit a hit; TJs DJs, Gorilla Zoe, Ent. Attorney Roxell Richards, Play-N-Skillz and a host of others. The Texas Urban Music Summit seems to have gathered persons within the industry from every field which is a positive look for those seeking to gain information and not just party and hang out. Sponsors include Rap A Lot,, and Ozone Magazine. For more information visit,

Seventh Annual The Texas Summer Music Conference hosted by Mic Moodswing in Dallas, TX. June 26th - June 28th, 2009....

The information of this conference is rather limited, besides boasting of past and INVITED guests/panelists; Chris Brown, Paul Wall, DJ Drama Erykah Badu, Dr. Teeth, Skip Cheatham, Too $hort, J Records, Jive, Atlantic and many others. The itinerary is as follows: 06/26/09 - R&B, Neo-Soul, & Spoken Word Showcase, 06/27/09 - Hometown Showdown Concert, 06/28/09 - DJs Music Forum. For more information visit,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Mixtape: Mickey Factz

If you know me, ya know I am TOTALLY in love w/ Mickey Factz; my "Freshmen" favorite without a doubt! Please respect that I've been diggin Mickey LONG before the commercials and Magazine Covers. I'm talkin, late 2007 to recent - shouts out to my Clyde, Dutch!!

If you're not sure who he is - GOOGLE HIM!

Current spokesman for the 2009 Honda Accord Rhymes and Reasons Campaign( You've seen the commercial on BET - the one where he plays a paralegal by day and an artist by night. Truth be told, Mickey actually went to school to be a Paralegal and has been rapping for about three years or so now.

Mickey recently had a shit load of shows at SXSW, took a little break to revamp, only to come back and announce that he is tha R.O.C.'s newly signed Artist - RESPECT!

Shouts out to my NY BFF Ainz Neal over at for the image

Monday, April 21, Mickey hit the stage in NY with The Roots & Stalley...My baby ROCKIN lol

@MickeyFactz- Truthfully: Shout to @questlove and black thought for helping me be apart of a crazy jam session!! Rock, Rap and impromptu freestyling!

Dropping a new mixtape on Wednesday, Mickey, wants the world to know WHO THE FUCK HE IS!! I am posting this as it is downloading but I'm certain I won't be disappointed! As an artist - NO LYRICIST, he NEVER disappoints! As a FRIEND - he truly never disappoints - very funny dude :) I'll be sure to follow up with a review of the album and maybe an interview..I'm turning it up on ya Mick! lol

Who The Fuck Is Mickey Factz Mixtape

Mickey Factz on the 'net - download ALL of his mixtapes!

Upcoming Shows:
Apr 22 2009 8:00P Hostel New Orleans, Louisiana
Apr 29 2009 8:00P The Black Apple/BKc San Fran Event San Francisco, California
Apr 30 2009 8:00P The Roxy Hollywood, California
May 30 2009 8:00P Lyricist Lounge - Mighty San Francisco, California
Jun 27 2009 8:00P First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Chicago, Illinois
Jul 12 2009 8:00P Merriweather Post Pavillion Baltimore, Maryland
Jul 18 2009 8:00P Comcast Center Boston, Massachusetts
Jul 19 2009 8:00P Jones Beach Amphitheatre Long Island, New York
Aug 1 2009 8:00P Glen Helen Amphitheater Los Angeles, California
Aug 8 2009 8:00P Shoreline Amphitheater San Francisco, California

My Favorite Mickey track - Automatic

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Artist To Watch: IB3

(Photo by Mr_1of1)

Yesterday, Houston's own IB3, released her "Honorable Mention Mixtape" and had a release party at Jet Lounge - FUN TIMES!! I met IB3 in passing a few times years ago at the Music World offices (shout out to My Sister Doris, Acie High & DJ Statik) and other places here and there but last night, getting up close and personal with her was most def an experience. Her energy level was AMAZING (could have been the 4/20 tho, lol) and the turn out of supportive pals was even more amazing.

If you like high energy music, I highly suggest you download her mixtape - she is actually rather funny too LOL. Yes, you chuckle while listening to some of the tracks.

Honorable Mention Mixtape Download

Shout out to the Bama Boyz, tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16 are produced by them (its a bigger deal than you actually know!)

A few tweeps that stepped out to show support:
@deandrewright @krystalnichole @etrez @krangofezaccess @josephdexter @soulb @Wells334 @tcherryx @mr1_of1 @gu_heffner @sonnie_inkstar @tcitypromo @spoiledlatina @anzeodavid @ClassicSydney @fckwhtyaheard @Tom_Duke @kaylaraecool @Dynastee @DidiMod @ColineCreuzot @CathrynMarie Sorry if I missed anyone, lol, I honestly didn't even meet everyone I listed, just went off of replies & such on twitter!

Check out to keep up w/ the movement - also, follow @myMovement on twitter! LETS GO! (c) @iamdiddy

@anzeodavid MTB4 & @ibtres
Photo by @cathrynmarie

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