Friday, August 28, 2009

Digital Distribution

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Digital Distribution
Get Your Music on ITunes and a host of other digital stores

Cut the middle man out and regain control of your own album sales!

Easy as 1….2….3
Submit your album(s)
Submit art work
Allow up to 4 weeks for album(s) to appear online
Receive payments of downloaded music via pay pal
Your sales are automatically reported to Soundscan

USA, Canada, Mexico Digital Stores (Europe, Australia & Asia stores avail also)
iTunes, iTunes Canada, Rhapsody, Napster Canada, Napster, Puretracks Canada, eMusic, eMusic Canada, AmazonMP3, Astral, Gospel Depot, Futureship/BestBuy, Urge(MTV), Choose Your Songs (Universal), V-Cast (Verizon), Carlson Marketing, Audio Lunchbox, Sasktel, Puretracks USA, Aliant, Univision, Bell, Best Buy Digital Music Store, Much Music (Chum), Circuit City Digital Music Store, B3, Napster Mobile, Music To Go, AT&T Wireless, Astral, Cellular One, AOL Canada, SunCom Wireless, Telus, Zune, iMesh Canada, Synacor, FYE, iMesh, iTunes Mexico, DMX/SonicTap, Music Gremlin, LAC, Push Button

Ready To Get Started? Contact Cathryn Marie at or 832.884.4690


Anonymous said...

Dude, you need get at and call it day. No way YOU could ever do it better than them.

CathrynMarie said...

Ummm I wasn't aware that I was trying to do better than anyone. Never heard of the site and what I am offering is not something I'm running, yet putting people up on. Thanks for the rude comment tho...its not always a competion tho!

Anonymous said...

i see it as scam. you trying to take adavantage of ppl who dont know about tunecore. you want to submit people's stuff on tunecore and get your comission from it.

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