Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist To Watch: Tony J

There was NO way I was going to let today pass without posting this track - this is rather personal for me :).

Tony J, Tony J! Where do I begin? I've always loved his voice - his southern mannerism and genuine friendship lead to my feeling confident to Manage him as an Artist - hey, I had a DJ and a Radio Jock, an Artist should be easy! SIKE LOL! My craft is Marketing and I learned from him that I needed to stay in my own lane and not try to wear 50 hats (as so many of us try to do in this "game"). He was patient and understanding - I was down to do all of the writing and marketing he needed but Managing was not something I wanted to mess up with him because he is far too talented to be my test dummy. Fast forward to 2009 and Twitter - a good "Tweep" of mine, @MoeArora, who I have admired and respected some how networked with my talented friend, Tony and is now managing him; I'm FAR too excited!

Putting a few touches on his "You Need A Man" Single, Tony J is marking his place on the scene and well, plans to be here "Forever" (www.TonyJForever.com)

Download and Listen To "You Need A Man"

With the new generation of R&B artists singing tales of promiscuous lifestyles, today’s R&B music has lost its connection with love and romance. Houston native, Tony J, wants to change that.

Having been raised in Houston (a primarily hip-hop market), Tony’s musical influences range from 90s R&B artists like Case, Avant and Jagged Edge, to the Houston-born Chopped & Screwed style, pioneered by the late DJ Screw. This vast range offers a unique twist to Tony J’s music.

From the vocals he records, to the words he sings, to the music he composes - Tony J is a well-rounded artist and musician.

With his first single, “U Need a Man”, Tony J is bringing romance back to R&B

For all inquiries, please contact Moe Arora
→ 404.939.3818

*side note* If you have yet to utilize Twitter for networking to your advantage - let this be a "wake up call"...Tony is in Houston and Moe is in CANADA! Yes - the power of Twitter! :)

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