Saturday, May 30, 2009

Texas Music Conference - Sniper Squad DJ's


Sniper Squad DJ Retreat/Ballin for Peace Streetball Tour/Artist Invasion in Houston, Texas July 10-12th.

Expect a host of training and seminars to help DJs, Artists and Artist Management. There will be software and hardware training, seminars that teach the DJs and Artists about trademarking their names, creating their DJ services a business and Artists to create their own record label.

It's not all just hard work and no play though, the Sniper Squad DJ's will be hosting a Ballin for Peace basketball game that will involve the community and a Artist invasion concert with unsigned and signed artist from around the world coming to perform

For more information, read over the Sniper Squad DJs Conference PDF and visit

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Mix-tape: Mario - What The Game's Been Missing

As many of you know, I'm TOTALLY in love with Mario and have been since Nov of 04. Met him in Dallas at a label listening party and he touched my soul LOL. I love it when he comes to town because its always a good time and this weekend was NO exception. Mario and comedian, Kevin Hart, are currently hosting the Burger King Fam Fest - a mini tour coming to a city near you.

While in Houston, Mario did radio and spoke on a mix-tape that he recently dropped - how in the hell did I miss this? lol..I'm not a downloading type of person, but 09 has changed me. First Drake, then my Brother RL's (from NEXT), Dont Talk Just Listen mix-tape and now Mario! I may seem biased but I promise I'm not when I say, I TRULY appreciate the R & B sound that RL & Mario are hitting us with! FYI - RL REALLY put me on to Drake, he is always reminding me so I got to give him credit LOL...

I'll let YOU be the judge...Mario's, What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape featuring his DJ, DJ Aktive, along with Don Cannon & hosted by Ant Live. "Break Up", Mario's current single, is also featured on the mix-tape....Be sure to hit Mario up on twitter - he runs his own shit;

Pics from this weekend at the club......Shout out to "The Crew" - LC, Leslie & Charlie Hustle!...Mad love to Mario, Aktive, and Coop!

Charlie Hustle and Mario

Mario You see it!



Mario in the DJ Booth *side note - DJ Good Grief was HORRIBLE*

Mario put on a mini show...bong bong {(c) Sterling Simms} to the breezy who tried to tongue him down LOL


Candy Girl & Mario (Coop, I see you STYLIN in all black back there lol)

Mario, (unknown), Jay & My Charlie Hustle..

Mario "Loving you, loving you, loving you...When I'm, when I'm...Loving you, loving you ...Why would you wanna break up?"

He is such a beautiful human being :)

DJ Aktive and Mario

DJ Aktive gettin busy!

What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape

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