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Interview: Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y.)

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Def Jam recoding artists, Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y.), had one of the hit singles of 2009 Summer; "Swag Surfin". Dropping their first album, Jamboree in June and recently releasing their mix-tape, the group wants to let the critics know that they are a skilled group and should not be overlooked. The confident group wants to be taken serious as a matured group of young men, letting the world know that not only is the sky the limit but FLY IS DA LIMIT!

Digiwaxx: So tell me, how did you guys all meet and come together?

F.L.Y.:We went to middle school and high school together.

D.W.: How many members form your group and what is everyone's name?

F.L.Y.: It's three of us; Myko McFly, Mook Man, Vee

D.W.:Are you guys originally from Atlanta?

F.L.Y.:Yes we are. Well actually, Stone Mountain, GA. Gotta say that - Stone Mountain

D.W.:(laughs) I see.So tell me about Stone Mountain since you're stressing it so much right now. What's so big about Stone Mountain?

F.L.Y.:For starters, F.L.Y. is from Stone Mountain and we are putting it on the map! And Martin Luther King said it in his "I have a dream" speech. We also have a theme park out here, so everyone comes down to hit it up.

D.W.:Your first single, "Swag Surfin", how did it take off?

F.L.Y.: We dropped our album and then our first single. We planned on it being our first single.

D.W.:How long did it take for the buzz of the single?

F.L.Y.:The single came out last year, July. So the single was taking off in September, basically over nothing. We were performing at a lot of college parties and they college kids took it home and it kind of went from there.

D.W.:I understand you guys have put out a new mix-tape that is showcasing versatility; a different sound from the commercial record you dropped.

F.L.Y.:Right! That's exactly what it is. It's showing that we are versatile.It's called the "Mile Hi Club" and it dropped November 25th. It can be picked up anywhere mix-tapes are sold. Gas stations and all; its everywhere. Where ever you can get it!

D.W.:How has the buzz for the mix-tape been?

F.L.Y.:Yes, the buzz has been great for it.We've been updating our fans on twitter

D.W.:How would you label your style?

F.L.Y.:Music makers! GOOD music markers. We aren't into one type of thing, we are just about making music.We focus on the party side but we also have motivational tracks; we're all well around.

D.W.:Seeing as how you say you make tracks beyond commercial hits, do you have a problem with being labeled as such?

F.L.Y.:I mean,we do make more than dance songs. I don't mind us being labeled for that one song but we're bigger than that tho. We are not one hit wonders.

D.W.:What is next after the mix-tape, new album dropping?

F.L.Y.:Yeah, around February our new album will drop. No name for the album as of yet. Actually it's going to be a street mix-tape vs an album really.

D.W.:Are you guys currently on a tour or anything like that? Like radio tour? One coming up soon?

F.L.Y.:Yeah, we'll be hitting up colleges real soon with "Swag Surfin" and some of our new stuff.

D.W.:Who are you guys looking to work with on your next project?

F.L.Y.:We want to work with everyone - that's the plan. Producer wise and everything, we don't discriminate. We don;t limit ourselves to anything because FLY IS DA LIMIT (laughing)

D.W.:Jerry Springer, final thoughts for the fans?

F.L.Y.:Just sit back and watch. We are much bigger than "Swag Surfin" so be looking out for us. On Twitter: is our group page. Individual pages are,, and Our blog can be found at (Mix-tape download HERE)

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