Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inspiration: Channel Your Subjects

"I've been thinking about/studying Lil' Wayne alot recently. Weird, I know." - Tommie as Wayne in photo above

So I was on recently just checking their new posts out & I came across The Weezy Chronicles and I was IN TEARS watching them! I re posted the link on twitter & next thing I know I have a friends request on a popular social network & upon further investigation I realized it was Mr Weezy Chronicles himself - someone suggested that he add me as a friend, but he didn't know why. LOL.

I'm checking out his blogs & I actually learned a lot about Weezy and became more interested in him actually taking the time to "become" Wayne. In case I didn't mention it, he is indeed an actor and film director - he actually MADE himself Lil Wayne, really studied him but learned more about Wayne once having the make up (tatts) and wig on.

I had a dream last night that IN my dream, I awoke and Lil' Wayne wasn't real. All of the songs and pictures and conversations of him had all been a dream and he was a mere figment of my imagination. So I'm telling people that there was a 5'6 black guy from New Orleans with no facial hair that shot himself and had a daughter before he got famous, then dreaded his hair, took over a multi-million dollar rap label, calls his best friend 'baby' or 'daddy', drinks cough syrup from three stacked styrofoam-cups and for the last two years, has released a mixtape every month for no compensation. And that this man then went on to release an album that sold 1 Million copies in one week, had all of the men wanting to be him and women wanting to be with him and was considered the greatest rapper alive... Nobody believed me or saw it possible. They all laughed at me. So why think it possible after actually seeing it.
(expert from his blog entitled "Dear Journal")

My sole purpose for this post is to actually showcase this man's TALENT as an ACTOR, He captured Lil Wayne so good that it's almost freaky, lol. And then to hear him say the feelings that came over his body while in make up - it wasn't just him doing a Weezy spoof as Tina fey does Palin, he studied him. I recently hit the topic of Winning Over New Fans and mentioned you have to do your homework - it's a lot like acting. You have to get into the minds of the people you are trying to reach, just as he channeled Wayne. You have to know your subject to make your product GREAT - just as Tommie made this "spoof" great!

Funny thing is, I learned more about Wayne while dressed up like him and acting like him. All while dressed up like him, I wasn't clowning and making people laugh. ...... I'd see the tatts in my peripheral and I'd feel a weird clash. Like 'DAMN I feel cool.. BUT, I only feel cool RIGHT NOW. It was SUCH a temporary feeling that that bad side of the situation was trying to FORCE it's way into me. Like one day, this will ALL be over. You can't be the hot 'it' rapper forever. - via convo with me on how it felt to BE Wayne.

I ask that you watch this video & some how gain inspiration. (I hope I didn't get too deep on you guys, LOL.) The rapping scenes are my fav, lol. He DID that ish!

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WhiteWood said...

WooooooW! That was GREAT!When I send out the Group Message for The Weezy Chronicles Ch.II, I'm gonna attach that link with it! (So you might wanna get in there and spell check it(. THANK YOU!

Sunshyne said...


yep that was me who sent the friend request, u were really feeling this video cathryn lol

Micki B said...

Okay, dude did this. If i did not know that this was not Weezy, I would have thought it was him, of course on a bad day. *smiling*

Colion said...

The man captured the complete essence and bafoonary that is weezy f. I was rollin for like ten min when i saw.

I enjoyed your article. Was a little deep, but hey, we bloggers have different way of looking at tthe

Anonymous said...

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