Saturday, October 18, 2008

American Music Award Nominee: Chris Classic

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"Blessings come in all shapes, sizes and avenues. Apparently furry lil Chipmunks have been a means for me to experience certain accomplishments in my career as an artist and songwriter.. Hopefully next award will be from The Radio Project!!" - Chris Classic

I can't remeber the last time I felt HONORED to personally know someone so talented & be in complete joy for him! Chris Classic (previous spoke on his in my interviews post) has been an awesome pal of mine for a good 6 plus years, over the course of this time I have watched & heard his musical talent grace the cd's of some of the best movie sound tracks ever - many that I have purchased because my son is a HUGE fan of the movies they albums belong to. To name a few Meet The Spartans, Never Back Down, The Air I Breathe, Transformers, Underdog, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer, American Pie 4,5 and 6, Date Movie, Alvin & The Chipmunks, etc..Not to mention the Ford & McDonald commercials that feature his music - I call it getting money for your musical craft the SMART way, lol.

All of his HARD work is paying off! Currently working on his first album (he just dropped his first mixtape THE AUDACITY OF DOPE), his authentic sounds on The Alvin & The Chipmunks are up for an AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD for best soundtrack for a movie! He is up against Juno & Mamma Mia. Did I mention he plays The Chipmunks DJ in the movie? lol. The soundtrack went Gold last time I checked - which is a HUGE accomplishment! Now its time for him to get that award!

I am ASKING from my heart that EVERYONE take a second to vote for this amazing man! Visit and cast your vote! Heck while you're there, vote for your other musical favorites - Alicia, Wayne & Chris Brown are up for Artist for the year. Kanye, Wayne & Flo Rida (err) are up for Favorite Male Hip Hop artist and a HOST of other categories!

Although I rarely mention this, because everything that he has done he has done on his own. BUT being in Marketing & such I know that sometimes you have to encourage people to do things - Chris Classic is indeed the nephew an artist apart of one of the GREATEST HIP Hop groups in the WORLD & one of the most influential African American entrepreneurs ever! Again, not taking away from his gift of talent because he has had NO hand outs with the projects he has done, but I will express that he is inspired by Hip Hop Pioneers that we ALL look up too - really ALL of us. I believe his bio says more on it, so you can read more about him and or just google him -

Be sure to tune in November 23rd and see who takes home the American Music Award of YOUR choice!


CONGRATS again Sweets! Mad, LOVE & RESPECT! Good Luck!! :) - KiTTeE CaT

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