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In a previous post, I stated that all write ups are a good thing to add to your Press Kit. Good or bad write ups, interviews, news paper clippings, etc, should all be saved and put into your PK or EPK. When I say BAD write ups and such, I mean possibly on the writers behalf - NOT YOU AS AN ARTIST!

(side note - the example I am about to post is of a group that I actually really like & is rather cool with one of the guys, but wrong is wrong! LOVE YOU SCOOBY!!)

The Grit Boys are a Houston underground group - actually they stand out a little above underground due to them actually having more clout around town, on the local status of Lil KeKe, Z-Ro or Trae. Last November the talented trio was featured in The Houston Press, one of Houston's TOP paper publications, actually it is the most known paper publication in town. Overall it caters to White people but it is very informative for all. The Grit Boys interview was also showcased on the home page of HP's site for the week it was out, which is how I came across it. I thought I was being hard on them by being disappointed until getting feedback from other people:

HP: That's so badass. That should be your next CD cover. Does everyone have daytime jobs?

Unique: [Scooby] is a cable man*, I lay carpet and [Poppy] works at a tennis shop.

(*Scooby later explained that he is not an actual cable man. He works with the cable receiver boxes; he doesn't actually "knock on doors and shit.")

Poppy: I work in shipping and receiving in a tennis shop. I ain't never fucked with tennis a day in my life.

Scooby: What's crazy is that work reality just set in. At first we was just bullshitting. Broke. Thinking some shit was just gonna come to us. All these niggas is lying sayin' they got all this money. That shit is dumb. I have no problem working. I got bills to pay, feel me.


HP: So gimme some juice. Who do you all hate? Where's the beef?

Scooby: You know what we really, just, really don't like?

HP: What's that?

Scooby: Bitch-ass niggas........

Scooby: It's like, they know that you got everything that could make you bigger than them, but they don't wanna fuck with you because you could pass them up. But then they act like you still cool with them. They ain't your friends but you kinda gotta be cool with them 'cause you gotta see them people everyday. It's like your boss, you know what I'm saying? You could be the best worker, but he's gonna mess with you 'cause he don't want you to get past his position.

HP: So basically, my boss is a bitch-ass nigga? Got it.

Scooby: Ha. Nah, I'm saying, that's how niggas is.

Having an interview in a well known publication where you have excessive cursing is NOT SEXY! "Bitch ass nigga"?? I wouldn't suggest this type of language with any article but HOUSTON PRESS is definitely not one you want to act a fool in. The sponsors and companies that read the Magazine is overwhelming - forget about the labels who may read it. We are in an era where companies such as Scion, Coke, Red Bull and Pepsi are looking to reach the Urban Consumers and one way they do so is through Artists. You have a name in your community and you're featured in HP - you may be someone I want to contact because it some what shows you are cross over and appealing. Well guess what, it just went out of the window when you're featured and your interview looks like that.

I would suggest doing practice interviews with bloggers, local magazines or even your friends - after all, practice makes perfect. Read up on interviews by some of your favorite artist in big publications so that you have more control of your interview to where you're answering questions you want to answer are asked. GOT IT? =)

Complete Grit Boys Interview

The article featured above is a clipping of my GREAT friend Chris Classic. Chris is a talented artist whose music you have heard but didn't even know it. His music has been featured themes of TV shows, and movie soundtracks or placements for many movies including Transformers, Fantastic Four,Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer, American Pie 4,5 and 6, Harold and Kumar I & II, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and several others. Along with several ads for huge clients like the NBA, McDonalds, Sprint, Chevrolet and Dodge.

There is no question that his songwriting and performance skills are marketable and appealing. The media buy for the Dodge charger campaign was $60 million. The Transformers and Alvin & The Chipmunks movies alone had $200 million behind them. And while it seems that most artists who are fairly successful are trying to get into the Film and TV world that Classic has cornered, he still yearns for the ability to release an album on a major or successful independent record label. He is currently working on his first album even with no recording contract, called The Radio Project, with an expected completion in 2008.

Chris Classic

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Reminds me of my post on my blog about e-mails I receive. Take it from us DON'T wanna approach people like that!

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