Sunday, September 7, 2008


Quote from Side Bar:

....having 50 million friends on MySpace is NOT networking & having 50 million hits on MySpace does not mean anything if no one likes your music. The hits more than likely come from someone like myself who clicks on your page post to the message out of curiosity. Yanno, the same way John McCain had over 3.5 viewers watch his speech at the RNC - no one cared for him but tuned in out of curiosity.

Obviously someone has to be the bearer of bad news - People have to SEE you perform and LIKE you enough to BUY your music and TELL other people about you. You need fans in order to be known, and TRUE fans. Not fans that Hammer had who were no longer fans once he lost his money, yanno those who didn't buy other albums because he looked out for his people.

There are other things needed and that is what this blog is for. I'm not going to give away EVERYTHING because Music Marketing is how a Sista eats, lol BUT I will throw tips out there to get you to where I would tell you YES when asked to work your project. I turn a lot of people down because I refuse to be associated with garbage as music, money does not motivate me - working a quality project with quality people excites me.

I have my hands in a lot of things, from DJ's to Radio to Record Labels (and not those Mom & Pop labels) - I've learned from these people and we work together - so now let me work with you so you can know these people also.

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