Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Keeps It TR-REAL!!

So I'm often sent emails with music for me to check out. Sometimes people wants a feature and sometimes they just want me to listen to their music. I will admit that I have been HORRIBLE at getting back at people but mainly its because it's the way its sent to me.

Keeping in line with the previous topic - The Industry is More Business Than Music - I expect emails to be sent to me in a professional fashion. Emailing me your MySpace link is NOT the correct approach. Sending me an email where it is forwarded, is also not the correct approach. Take the time and make a presentation, show me you take your work serious so that I will take YOU serious. Now I know I'm just a chick with a blogspot page but obviously my thoughts on your music must be of some importance if you're hitting me up, I'm just saying.

There's one cat who has been emailing me for a couple of months, he urked me early on by not blind copying email addresses but I let it slide cause a good pal co-signed for him. This weekend he sent me some new music and it was horrible! Most folks would probably just trash it but you want my thought's I'll give it to ya straight with no chaser... wrote:
I only know how to be honest with you so don't take my words personal and call me a hater...

This track is rather horrible!! why on gods green earth are you singing? I've heard about 3 previous tracks from you and you have a very nice flow, one song reminded me of Lupe, but this here - noooooo!!

Please do yourself a favor a delete this from your database, lol..Im laughing because of how I am saying it but Im being honest. I must know, have you gotten great feedback from this yet?

lol lmao...thanks for being honest..i appreciate that, haha a couple goood responses and now a couple bad...i wasnt sure about it...lmao..thanks tho yo..thats too funny

Yea, some may say I was brutal but in the end, he felt what I was saying and didn't get mad LOL. If you're sending me music for me to listen to, I'm not going to trash it, I'm going to be H O N E S T! You have been warned and I promise I am NO hater! So don't hit me back with no, "who the fuck are you anyway" bullshit! okay, thanx! :) Hopefully you'll be telling me what someone else said this weekend, " luv ya for being honest" =) <====send ya music! Join Digiwaxx if you're SERIOUS about getting your music reviewed! DJ's, Labels and Others will take the time to listen & rate your joints!


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