Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Is Digiwaxx?!?!

I'm often asked "what is Digiwaxx, CaT?" Ask no more!!


Digiwaxx Media is an independent agency specializing in the new urban culture. With music at the core of this culture, Digiwaxx is situated where things really happen now: at the intersection of recording studios,radio stations, DJ booths, concert venues and online sites where creative innovators, cultural influencers,entrepreneurs and fans converge.

We are centered in a network of local relationships on a worldwide scale and our ability to activate these dynamic relationships with agility, efficiency and credibility knows no equal in the industry. Digiwaxx is an agency that converts years of experience at the forefront of urban creativity and lifestyle into a dynamic hub of information and resources. Our platforms and services are able to connect music, technology,people and culture in a way that is unique to the Digiwaxx experience. Connect with us.


Digital Music Servicing And Distribution Media Planning And Buying Influencer Outreach Music Supervision And Talent Coordination Music Promotion Creative Consulting And Production Online Marketing And Publicity


Digiwaxx was founded in 1998 by Corey “CL” Llewellyn as a means to bridge the digital divide that existed in how the record labels, the DJ’s and the radio stations were breaking tracks and artists. He realized that there was a gulf between how the music industry was operating and what the speed and scope of the internet could offer. Llewellyn’s career began directly out of high school when he began working under the guidance of super-producer Corey Rooney (Mary J Blige What’s The 411?)followed by a position with Mariah Carey on her own boutique label. Llewellyn then ran Cornerstone’s promotion team and was instrumental in the launching of The Fader magazine. He was then recruited by Elektra Records to head up their hip-hop promotion department where he worked directly with Missy Elliott, Mark Ronson, Fabolous and Busta Rhymes. While working within the Warner Brothers system he foresaw how drastically the Internet would change the landscape of the music business and upend the existing power structure between labels and artists and those that exposed the music to the fans. It was at this time he staffed up his Digiwaxx project into a fully-fledged company, running it out of his home as Elektra and other major labels folded in the face of the new Internet age. What had started as a small email promotion and music distribution system became an international network of DJ’s, radio programmers, labels and artists all utilizing Digiwaxx to break music and discover new talent. Digiwaxx recently moved into a loft space in Harlem just north of the cultural and economic center that is 125th St. The Digiwaxx team is nowa staff of 20, who not only manage the original business of digital distribution of music to DJ’s and radio stations but who also cover marketing, promotion, creative services, media planning and publicity. The client roster includes all the top major and indie labels including Def Jam, Interscope, Warner Bros, BadBoy, Motown, VP, J Records and Sony / BMG. Digiwaxx Media has also worked very closely on a wide range of projects with Microsoft, Zune, Adidas, X-Box and Puma North America.


MirthNadir said...

I understand now. You should hit me up via twitter /AIM.. I have this new business idea I wanna run by you and get your initial thoughts. Good work.

dididianaz said...

Is there a service similar to Digiwaxx for other music genres?

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