Friday, December 5, 2008

Cadillac Records Movie - History on the Big Screen

Previously posted on by CathrynMarie..I'm posting here because of the overall message of the movie

On Monday night, Digiwaxx had the GREAT pleasure of viewing “Cadillac Records” at a screening in Houston, Texas; Solange Knowles also sat in and watched. If Beyonce hadn’t gone on Oprah and said that she was only in the end of the movie, I would have really thought that the movie was an Etta James movie that she starred in - its how the previews and such come across. Digiwaxx advice’s everyone to listen to Beyonce and not count on the media - she did a GREAT job, however.

I enjoyed “Cadillac Records” so much because of the informative history of music that I walked away with - actually learning that a Field Slave is sole person who contributed to the what music has become now, being apart of integration of man kind, was therapeutic. Of course, Chuck Berry, broke the barriers with his music but if it weren’t for Muddy Waters, ex Field Slave and first artist on Chess Records, who knows what music would be like.

Chess Records was a start up label by Leonard Chess in Chicago. First artist on the roster was the great Muddy Waters, one of the greatest bluesmen of all time, no one played the guitar better than Muddy. Muddy, along with Little Walter, Willie Dixon and Howlin Wolf took the world by storm with their sound Blues sound before Rock & Roll Legend, Chuck Berry, was signed and contributed to chart topping numbers the Record Label often laid claim to. Becoming the first female on the roster, Etta James accompanied the talent men and demanded her respect, as she to made chart topping music. It’s hard to believe that seven people are responsible for the definition of great music, not excluding The Rolling Stones (the history behind how they got started is amazing) and The Beach Boys (another jaw dropping story).

Being careful not to ruin the movie, I want to encourage everyone who has a great appreciation of music to go view this movie. If you’re one of those people who refuse to see it because “Beyonce is in it it”, she LITERALLY does not show up on the screen until an hour into the movie, with 45 mins remaining. Mos Def was amazing, pure COMEDY and talent. Beyonce’s performance is also one to be credited, she really showed emotion and became Ms. Etta James. Eamonn Walker (Kareem of OZ) as Howlin’ Wolf was so realistic and you can’t leave out Ced The Entertainer, who has a huge role in the movie. Gabrielle Union, also stars in the movie and has a nice role. Academy Award Winner, Adrien Brody and Emmy, Global Global & Tony winner, Jeffrey Wright are the true stars of this movie. I personally plan to go see it again, and I again, encourage everyone to go see it. PLEASE be sure to read the closing captions, you will be taken aback with the ending information you will read. Oh & Q Tip is in it!!

Cadillac Records is in theaters on December 5, stop by the official website for the movie and listen to some of the soothing tunes. The Official Soundtrack is being distrubuted through Sony Music, to be released on December 2, includes music from Beyonce Knowles, who has recorded five songs for the soundtrack, including a cover version of Etta James’ “At Last” as its lead single. Mos Def, Jeffrey Wright, Columbus Short (Little Walter), and Eamonn Walker recorded songs for the soundtrack, and Raphael Saadiq (his new album is a MUST BUY), Solange Knowles, Mary Mary, Nas, Buddy Guy and Elvis Presley also appears on the album. The soundtrack will be released in single- and double-disc editions.


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