Friday, September 26, 2008

SouthBySouthwest - Sonic Bids - Dubbs Lane

Mad love to @Calinative aka Liz for reminding me about South by Southwest. I have never personally been but my sister, who works for Sony, goes just about every year because o some Artist she has performing or something. I always recommend Artist to go, even if it's just to network and not perform, a lot of people register too late to perform. Your luck has possibly changed this year however, I am submitting this info within enough time before the deadline.

"SXSW Music is four hyperactive days of making connections for musicians, recording companies and every other business touching on music, from concert bookers to copyright lawyers, publishers to Web geeks." New York Times, 3/19/07

Apply to Showcase Your Band at the 2009 SXSW Music Festival.

The deadlines (October 24, 2008 for international artists, November 7, 2008 for artists in the USA) and fee ($25 for early submissions, $35 for applications submitted after September 26, 2008) are the same.

I see that they have sync'd up with, which is a site I had planned on blogging about already.

Since I' started this blog, I get a SHIT load of emails from Artist who want me to Manage them, Market them or something else. I also get a bunch of people who want me to review their music - I actually had intentions on doing such last week but due to freakin Hurricane Ike I was set back a tad bit. *side note* after 12 days of being away from my crib, I finally have lights and I'm home! =)

Over the time of being away, I received an email from a rep for Dubbs Lane; this was THE BEST artist email I have EVER received! Mad respect to the people behind him - and thanks for hipping me to a new site, lol.

The email contained an EPK for Dubbs Lane:

His bio was RIGHT there for him and I had options to review his music and check out pics - the best online EPK ever in life. Not to mention the option to SAVE his EPK and this is alllll thanks to Sonic Bids!

What Is Sonicbids?

Sonicbids is a Web site that helps bands get gigs, and promoters book the right bands. Our community includes over 150,000 bands, singers, songwriters, and performers of all kinds, and 14,000-plus music buyers of all kinds, including promoters, licensors, festival programmers, and much more. Bands come here for gigs; promoters come here for bands. We have lots of both.

I highly suggest everyone to join this site & check it out. Step ya game up and email your press kits out the RIGHT way. Obtaining email addresses for the right people to send such press kits too is NOT hard. Due to that being one of the ways I make money, I can not tell such ways to find said emails, LOL. I do Marketing and sometimes I am requested to send stuff off to certain people. But TRUST me, its EASY!

I had plans to cover someone already as my first review but I would like to show my appreciation of his professionalism, so I'm going to showcase him =)

The Laurel, Maryland, Hip-Hop Artist is actually rather good (for the record, I have NO problem with telling someone their music sucks, lol). He's good on a level that he may actually get slept on though because he doesn't stand out. After listening to "I Dig" and jamming to it real hard, I found myself hitting next quite often; his other tracks were album tracks. That is until I got to "I'm Rockin" - that shit goes hard! I'm not sure what the single is that he is pushing but I personally think this should be IT!

I wish him much success and add my 2 cents of working on more singles; hate to say it but music is so watered down right now and you have to find that one song that you may not want to do but also has you true to your style. He seems to have the right people behind him aka people who know what they are doing, so I bid he will be okay! =)

Add to GlobalGrind!


Nic said...

Hello Cathryn,

I am one of the people behind Dubbs Lane and produced the "I Dig it" track, amongst many others to come on his upcoming Vol 2.

Dubbs is a VERY hard working professional artist and is very deserving of being heard by the right ears. He is the only unsigned artist that gets my stamp and exclusive free material.

I, We appreciate your post and hope there is more to come.

Thank you,

-Nic / Nicbalz

KJtheGreat said...

...not to change the subject cuz i don't make music but i love it, and on my list of things to do before i die is visit SXSW one day!

Anonymous said...

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