Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Artist To Watch: IB3

(Photo by Mr_1of1)

Yesterday, Houston's own IB3, released her "Honorable Mention Mixtape" and had a release party at Jet Lounge - FUN TIMES!! I met IB3 in passing a few times years ago at the Music World offices (shout out to My Sister Doris, Acie High & DJ Statik) and other places here and there but last night, getting up close and personal with her was most def an experience. Her energy level was AMAZING (could have been the 4/20 tho, lol) and the turn out of supportive pals was even more amazing.

If you like high energy music, I highly suggest you download her mixtape - she is actually rather funny too LOL. Yes, you chuckle while listening to some of the tracks.

Honorable Mention Mixtape Download

Shout out to the Bama Boyz, tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16 are produced by them (its a bigger deal than you actually know!)

A few tweeps that stepped out to show support:
@deandrewright @krystalnichole @etrez @krangofezaccess @josephdexter @soulb @Wells334 @tcherryx @mr1_of1 @gu_heffner @sonnie_inkstar @tcitypromo @spoiledlatina @anzeodavid @ClassicSydney @fckwhtyaheard @Tom_Duke @kaylaraecool @Dynastee @DidiMod @ColineCreuzot @CathrynMarie Sorry if I missed anyone, lol, I honestly didn't even meet everyone I listed, just went off of replies & such on twitter!

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