Friday, April 17, 2009

Artist To Watch: S Fresh

Recent "Breeding Ground" featured artist, S Fresh is gearing up for the release of his "Get It Out Da Mudd" Mixtape.

His hit single, "ask Dem" featuring Lil Boosie, is currently making noise in the South, which has allowing the Louisiana born artist, to hit the road and give the world what they want - shows. If you haven't heard of him yet, you will soon - just look at his accomplishments thus far:

Over a million views of "Ask Dem ft. Lil Boosie" on WSHH
Indie spotlight in Hip Hop weekly
Myspace Music Feature
Top 100 Independent Record "Shawty Really Luv it" Urban Network Journal
The New Single "Ask Dem" playing in over 15 markets to date.
S. Fresh featured at the SEA Awards
Featured on The
Featured on Yo
Featured on Rap
Featured on

Currently on his Southern City Tour, producer and CEO of So Slimm Entertainment, S. Fresh, is at the point in his career where his name should be a household name; coming to a pc screen near you. The humble and conversational creative artist expressed a great deal of his character – it was indeed a great pleasure to speak with an artist who is deserving of said spotlight.

The Grambling State honor’s graduate launched his entertainment empire in 2000 with the hopes of being the silent boss however as fate would have it, he emerged from behind the desk to behind the m-i-c.

Remember, you heard it HERE first! Mixtape release follow up post to hit the net SOON! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD "ASK DEM", FT BOOSIE Hit up S. Fresh on the net - and

S. Fresh feat. Lil Boosie - Ask Dem(Gyrlz)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mixtape Review: RL from NEXT

I know I probably should have posted this last week but I have been lazy witht he blogging lol - my bad bro :)

I'm sure I am probably annoying everyone with mt recent talk of RL's new mixtape - "Don't Talk Just Listen" Part I - but hey, I love it. And NO I'm not just saying that because I love him (lol) I do really love it. He actually sent me a few tracks months ago & I didn't listen to it much - the new ish is HITTIN! So I decided to do a review of the mixtape and hopefully you'll be more interested in downloading it. This is more of a personal review, meaning I'm keeping it real, instead of a professional one. =) It's totally not in order - oh and follow him on twitter - - MIXTPAE DOWNLOAD

The "Don't Talk Just Listen" Mixtape Part I

Intro –

Laughing Out Loud on calling out the calling out of the lack of good R & B music. “What happened to the music, what happened to the singing?”

Bomb –

owwwwwwwwwwwwww!! THIS IS MY JAWNNNNNN! If he doesn’t make this a single, we are going to fight lol. “In the night wakes me up with her hands down my pj’s” <== favorite line! Nice up-tempo dance track, love the break down near the end, I think we need a rapper featured on it there. He is again, praising how great his girl is – she is “The Bomb”.

Mixed Up –

This is the song that has replaced “Make it last forever” as my wedding song – yes, RL will be singing at my wedding and this is the track lol. This man sang some of the best R & B tracks from back in the day and made it one song – NO really! “Lets Chill”, followed by “Pretty Brown Eyes” to “Before I Left You Go”, to “Cry For You”, back to “Lets Chill” – most def my wedding song for me & “The Drew”! Its sooo pretty!

Party Girl –

Uhh yeah! OBVIOUSLY another personal track lol. AGAIN, no disrespect but sweet Jesus! It’s a nice message for the ladies tho – YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIND LOVE IN THE CLUB! I believe this is probably what men think of chicks who frequent the club on the regular. Some men like club chicks but trust, he is not the one “nite life fame, atl pics, click click – I see every club you’re in”. “Just a mixtape, nothing personal, I promise” I’m too done with him. AGAIN – NO disrespect.

Rerun –

Upbeat tempo track about being caught up in a dysfunctional relationship. A relationship one lets go but keeps going back to although they know it’s not healthy. No disrespect to parties involved but knowing Rob, I’d have to say this is one of those tracks about his personal life. It is most def one of those healing songs for him.

Gangsta of LOVE –

Rockin with that Anthony Hamilton beat (since I seen youuuuuuuu), I thought he was going to sing it for me but he tricked me lol. Actually, he is on some old school “Cyber Sex” ish – I need to hit fast forward..that boy is nasty LOL

Stranger In My Bed –

Another relationship track speaking on a how a woman changed through the course of the courtship. He now doesn’t know who she is. “Blame it on the yakkkk”…The “click click click” has me thinking that this is once again – a personal track.

One –

“She’s a mannnn eater!” yea, this track is a cool one to vibe to. Reflecting on a young lady who is “the one” and how her love is “critical”. Every man needs a woman who is “The One” – having him feel “on top of the world”.

Say You Will –

Obviously a Kanye track he made his own. The man is sangin from his (Tasha Mack voice) “hort” (heart). Do I hear you on auto tune in the middle, Rob? Lol

Roni Ruff –

He took us back with that Bobby Brown, Roni. Of course he added his own spin is on it and the production is a little different; makes for a nice remake. I think this is one of the tracks he sent me months ago and I later told him he wasn’t singing, singing like the world knows him. The remake is chill, don’t get me wrong but it’s not the raspy, high note singing RL on this track.

If You Leave Me Now –

This track is what we’d consider an album track, nice slow track in the middle of the cd. Why do I always get a Michael Jackson vibe whenever I hear it? Lol It’s a nice love song. “We’ve come too far to leave it all behind”.

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