Monday, October 12, 2009

Artist To Watch: (Vote For) ESSO

Literally "the kid next door" - at least that's my personal thoughts of, Esso (@HiEsso). No huge ego, no flashy jewelry, not dissing other artists - just your every day dude; yet he is an ARTIST! How can this be? A rapper with personality, loyal to the people who support him, humble, physically out networking on the scene and not having a rep do it, and supports other artists? Thats unheard of in 2009!! If you haven't heard of Esso - allow me to introduce you.

Currently working on his debut album, EVOLVED, Esso's Michael Jackson tribute inspired video for, "Don't Stop", off his latest mix-tape project, "Off The Wall", can be seen on MTVu, MTV2, MTVJams. Featured on your favorite bloggers, favorite blog - his internet buzz is noteworthy. Magazines from XXL to YRB and more, have all jumped aboard the "Esso Experience" train; the dude has a bright future ahead! Check the credentials if ya don't believe me: About Esso.

1 of 5 nominee's for MTVu, Freshmen video, Esso needs YOUR vote! Don't just vote because I asked you to (well you should, but I'm saying), vote because the video is actually mad dope. So watch the video and then take your happy tail over to MTVu and vote :) Young and Influential Music - get familiar!

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