Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Email Signatures Are Important

Yesterday I received quite a few emails from Artists and noticed that none of them had closing signatures - I wonder if they know how important something so small can be.

There have been numerous times that people have added me to AIM, G Chat, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, etc, via them seeing my contact info on my signature. Really, how else would they know I can be contacted on all said communication outlets if I don't put it out there. What is the purpose of signing up for all of the sites if you don't want to be contacted on them? Hopefully you set them up for networking and socializing, aye? WELL ADD THEM TO YOUR CLOSING SIGNATURE!!!

Even adding simple things like your website info is a MUST! Hell, if that's all you have added and your site has your contact info, then cool. Make yourself available for reach. I don't think my DJ would get any business if my number wasn't plastered on every site I have; no money being missed here.

Sometimes people don't want to go back and forth via email to communicate and/or just to find out if you are on any of those sites. If you don't put it out there because you feel you will get crazy people - BLOCK EM!! lol People lose cell phones and such on a regular and it makes it easy for them to just open an old email and be able to get your number.

There is no right or wrong way to structure your signature but here is an example:

Marketing Specialist I Writer I Manager

832.884.4690 (cell)
Yahoo - Cathryn.Marie
Gmail Chat - CathrynMarie
AIM/AOL - CathrynMarieMgt

The Urban Zone
7500 Bellaire Blvd
Suite #922
Houston, Texas 77042

C.A.T.H.R.Y.N. means Concentrate And Through Him Receive Your Needs

I'm VERY reachable :)


Sugarlips said...

WORD. And that's not specific for the entertainment industry - it's just common sense in business in general. I can't STAND (and it happens more than not) when a vendor who communicates with me via email doesn't have a signature. I need to call them or mail them something, or want to look up a site of theirs and I can't find any info ANYWHERE. Such bad business in my opinion.

DJ Ed Nice said...

I so agree with you on this one sis... I am simply amazyed at how many communications I get from artists who want me to play they track - but they don't include any contact or bio info... How am I supposed to get back to you?

Thank you for this blog sis! Great stuff!!!

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joobs said...

...okay, will do. have made this mistake in the past, but it's a learning process :)

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