Monday, October 18, 2010

Artists: What NOT Do On Social Networking Sites

I must apologize from my straying away from something that was once so important to me - life has a way of pulling you away and distracting you with other accomplishments and the little things are overlooked; Music Marketing 101 has been overlooked! My little blog may not be much but many of the people I have featured as an "Artist To Watch" were featured here first, including The New Boyz, Chris Classic, WISH, Producer Dawaun Parker (Longtime Dr. Dre Production Team Member @DawaunParker Readies EP 10/20/10) Bertell and Kevin Ross. Lately I've sorta turned the blog into a Diggy Simmons blog without even knowing, lol!

Tonight I was inspired to write a post on Music Marketing and Social Networking - What Artists Should NOT Do....A friend reached out to me with some tips and not to share his complete idea, I just want to point out things I would never suggest an artist does while trying to networking with persons on social networking sites.


Personal Messages to friends: This is not suggested. Although your personal friends should be your biggest supporters if life were perfect, truth is, some of them have NO interest in what you are doing. It's not anything personal, it could be them not having the time to really sit back and listen to everything or just simply not interested for their own personal reasons. What then happens is, you're sending them all of these messages and they're getting alerts on FB, which some may use just to log in here and there and not how you use it, and they're annoyed by you - they consider you a pest. Stick to the Fan Page. Sending one message inviting them to join the Fan Page is okay. Be sure to never assume that they saw your status updates because again, not everyone uses FB as you do and newsfeeds are not always read. I repeat ONE MESSAGE alerting them of your Fan Page is fine. If they don't join, they just don't join. They possibly do not care to have the messages and alerts that come along with being supportive - it doesn't mean they do not care.

Daily Status updates and encourage friends to do the same - Encourage NOT harass!


DM people - NO! This leaves for an awkward situation. You're corning and pressuring them to support. They may have possibly overlooked a tweet or two about your new project but as much as we like to think people sit on twitter all day and read EVERY tweet on their timeline, its not possible (even for the Mayor *smiles*). Contacting people and being social/casual works best. Which leads me right into the next thing on the list.....

@ People - DO NOT SPAM THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLE! Your timeline should NOT read a page full of tweets with you "mentioning" people and your link following. Starting up a conversation that leads into you sharing your music is the best option. You'll walk away from the conversation with at least "I'll check it later".

Encourage people to RT - Encourage NOT harass!

Hopefully the tips will help out. For reference of other postings and tips: MusicMarketing 101: Building The Right Fan Base - Interviews - Tips to Reach New Fans - Networking 101 - **Five Things NOT to do** - Digital Distribution - So You Want to Get on Radio - Copyright Your Work!! - Professionalism: Bloggers vs Artists

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons - Thinkin Bout You & Oh Yeah

Diggy Simmons x Thinkin Bout

Diggy Simmons x Pharrell Williams x Lupe Fiasco

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Artist To Watch: K Michelle

Gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated video debut, Jive Records/D2 Music Management recording artist, K Michelle's single, "I Just Can't Do It" has secured a spot on the urban charts as the number two most added Urban Record of the week.

With continued progression of the single, D2 Music CEO, Delante Murphy, has been teasing the internet with sneak peek clips of the video, set to release soon.

Download "I Just Can't Do It"
Visit K Michelle on the web:
@KMichelleMusic on Twitter / /

Press and Booking -

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons ft Bei Maejor

Nothing but "Great Expectations" from Atlantic Records/Violator Management Artist, Diggy Simmons and his up and coming mixtape, "Airborne". Three weeks ago, the Teen Fashion Icon delivered "What They Been Waiting For"; GOOD music! And now, with just days before making a special appearance at NYC's Hot 97's Summer Jam this Sunday, Diggy felt the time was great to release a new track. The support Mr. Cee and Hot 97 has shown thus far, so early on in his rap career, has been amazing; Diggy appreciates it, as well as the support the fans and blogs have shown.

Teaming up with R & B, Michigan native, Bei Maejor ("Drunk in the Club") and The First Flight producer, Black the Beast, Diggy Simmons presents, "The Great Expectations". Unlike previously stated, Diggy's "What They Been Waiting For" will NOT be on "Airborne"; "Great Expectations" is the first release off the much anticipated mix-tape, dropping soon!

Diggy Simmons x Great Expectations
featuring Bei Maejor - produced by Black the Beast
Download HERE

Diggy on Twitter: @diggy_simmons
Facebook Fan Page: Daniel "Diggy" Simmons
Diggy's Blog:
"What They Been Waiting For" & - "Flow Stoopid" Directed by Phil the God

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons

Recently Hip Hop great, Nas spoke on Diggy to Vibe Magazine stating that he felt the "Little dude is nice" upon seeing "Flow Stoopid", the first viral video dropped by Diggy, directed by Phil The God. Since dropping, "Diggy What? Diggy Who?" and even before, things have been quiet within the Diggy Simmons camp. Informing his fans recently he has been working to make his next mixtape perfect for his fans, making sure he "GIVES THEM WHAT THEY BEEN WAITING FOR", the Atlantic Records latest signee has decided to release a track and viral video off his upcoming mixtape, Airborne, which is a follow up mixtape to "The First Flight"....consider this the prelude track to "Airborne", once again directed by Phil the God.

Diggy Simmons X What They Been Waiting For
Video Link - Directed by Phil the God
Download Link - Produced by Shane Eli

Diggy- What They Been Waiting For from philthegod. on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons

Since signing to Atlantic Records, Daniel "Diggy" Simmons, has been a rather busy young man. Between meetings about his shoe line, Chivalrous Culture Sneakers, to meetings about his music, classes, working on his next mixtape, getting featured in XXL Magazine (on stands now; page 26), being a teenager plus daily schooling, his work ethic is to be commended and admired. Let's not forget him becoming the newest addition to the Violator Management team; yes you read that correctly, Diggy is now managed by, Chris Lighty.

Fulfilling the request of fans and of course appeasing the doubters, Diggy has decided to release new material in the middle of working on his upcoming mixtape:

Diggy Simmons x Diggy What?, Diggy Who? Freestyle:
Download Link

Recent Interview:
Diggy Simmons Speaks On His Famous Family, Fashion And Avoiding Reality with Hip Hop Wired

Also be sure to check the latest portion of his video interview that hit the net, done with GoodFellaRadio, as he talks Fashion and similarities with Lil Wayne:
Diggy Simmons x GoodFellaRadio x Part 3 Interview

Diggy on Twitter: @diggy_simmons
Facebook Fan Page: Daniel "Diggy" Simmons
Diggy's Blog:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Diggy Simmons x Atlantic Records

His Beginning was TRULY the Beginning...

With his mixtape (The First Flight) and countless other singles/remixes (Star Is Born, Set Me Free, Point to Prove) being recognized by fans, yet overlooked by major media outlets, it took the release of his remix to Drake's, "Over" (Just The Beginning), that eventually got Daniel "Diggy" Simmons love shown by said outlets for being "the first" to drop something over the newly then released track. Although people were receptive of his remake of the new single, Diggy still had more hearts and ears to capture and win over, with the goal of letting everyone know that him creating music was not a hobby but a passion and it was something he is great at.

Going back into the studio, the young fashion icon spit a crazy sixteen over Nas' "Made You Look", and unleashed "Flow Stoopid" (MP3 link). Linking up with PhilTheGod to create a visual along with the track, Flow Stoopid (video link), was the hit that finally got Diggy more love then anticipated. With cosigns by Lupe Fiasco and Swizz Beatz via twitter and blog postings by Kanye West and Common, Diggy EARNED his buzz that has major companies, labels and the internet wanting to get familiar with him.

Last week the buzz generated rumors that Atlantic Records signed Diggy Simmons, a small statement of denial was released due to at that time it not being true but as of Monday, March 22, 2010, the day after Diggy's 15th birthday, the deal has been sealed; Atlantic Records has signed Daniel "Diggy" Simmons!!

For all of those who have supported the project thus far, you are MUCH appreciated as this has been a FUN and VERY successful journey. It really does not stop with getting signed, more GREAT news to come SOON!

Diggy Simmons' short convo with /VIBE Magazine
Diggy Simmons talks with / Rolling Out Magazine

Diggy Simmons talks about "Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid)" Video with GoodFellaRadio

Diggy Simmons talks "Made you look (Flow Stoopid)" Freestyle Video. from Good*Fella Radio on Vimeo.

Also check out a sneak peek of Diggy Simmons, Chivalrous Culture shoe line, on

For Public Relations inquires for Diggy Simmons, contact, CathrynMarie at
For Booking and all other inquires for Diggy Simmons, contact, Rasheed Young at

Interview with
Interview with Solediction
Interview with
Interview with
Interview with GoodFellaRadio (short)
Interview with SoJones
Interview with SoulCulture
Interview with Industry Mag
Interview with Inkstarzz
Interview with HipHopMovement>
Interview with Dear WhoEver
Interview with Awkwordsilence/MissDimplez
Interview with RealTalkNY
Interview with Hustlegrl
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Interview with WhatsInMyHeadphones
Interview with HipHopLivesStupid
Interview with MiUnExInterview with BlogTalkRadio
The First Flight link: datpiff or Limelinx
Video: Flow Stoopid
Remix: Flow Stoopid MP3
Remix: Just The Beginning
Remix: Star Is Born
Single: Point to Prove
Single: Set Me Free
Diggy on Twitter: @diggy_simmons
Facebook Fan Page Daniel "Diggy" Simmons
Diggy's Blog:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interview: Yo Gotti

By: CathrynMarie

Digiwaxx: Hey Yo Gotti, its Cathryn from Digiwaxx, how are you?

Yo Gotti: I'm great, what it is?

DW: Chillin, whats going on with you? Where are you at right now?

Yo Gotti:Right now I'm on a tour bus to Orlando, Florida

DW: So you're currently on a promo tour right now, I take it?

Yo Gotti:Yeah, I just did a show in Columbus, Ohio and now heading to Orlando for a show out there. I'm doing shows every weekend somewhere.

DW: That's whats up, not mad at that. You seem to be traveling a lot, what are some of your favorite spots while on the road?

Yo Gotti:I kinda like going everywhere. Its like different cultures when I hit these different spots. I try to reach out to other rappers when I hit there other cities and collab with them.

DW: You recently signed to J Records, how does it feel to be signed to such a major label with label mates of other great talents such as Alicia Keys and Mario? You'll be dropping your first major label album next.

Yo Gotti:Man it feels good. I'm working on the album and trying to make sure we put the perfect plan together.

DW: What made you want to join the Sony Music family verses other labels? I'm sure you had other offers.

Yo Gotti:I think it had to do with their passion and them being determined people. They are like myself so I felt we would make a perfect team.

DW: So you're content with the team you've interacted with thus far on the label?

Yo Gotti:Yeah I'm good. Making moves with them. The first song we put out, it was a top hit record.

DW: You recently made the billboard charts with your first single, "5 Star". That had to be a great feeling. When are you dropping another single?

Yo Gotti: The next single is going to be "Women Lie, Men Lie" and it was recently leaked. The album is "Live from the Kitchen".

DW: Is there an actual date of when you plan to drop the album?

Yo Gotti:No specific date but I'm looking at first quarter.

DW: Who can we expect to hear on the album, production and feature wise?

Yo Gotti:I worked with so many producers, too many to name. On the album,I got a track with Rick Ross. I got a track with Lil Wayne(the second single).

DW: DJ Kay Slay dropped a mix-tape and featured you on one of the singles, Blockstars, (with Ray J, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones & Busta Rhymes) how was it feel working with him?

Yo Gotti:It was cool, I have nothing but respect for Kay. He hit me up and asked me to jump on the track and I was all in. We shot the video for the single not too long ago, he sent the camera crew to me and it was done.

DW: You seem to be putting Memphis on the map.

Yo Gotti:Yeah, I put on for the city!

DW: Any final words for our readers?

Yo Gotti: Cocaine Music 4 mix-tape will be dropping before the album. Hit me on twitter, @yogottikom. MySpace and Facebook, YoGotti. All that sh*t.

For more of Yo Gotti: - - - "5 Star" REMIX with Trina, Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Music: Diggy Simmons - Set Me Free

After recently dropping his first mix-tape, "The First Flight", Diggy Simmons is getting more familiar with this music game and has released a new track, "Set Me Free" (Prod by Snake Eyes). Still showing the world he can stand on his own, Diggy, is requesting any doubts and judgments people may have of him be dismissed.


Interview with RealTalkNY
Interview with Hustlegrl
Interview with AllHipHop
Interview with WhatsInMyHeadphones
Interview with HipHopLivesStupid
Interview with BlogTalkRadio
The First Flight link: datpiff or Limelinx
Single: Point to Prove link:
Diggy on Twitter: @diggy_simmons
Search the Trend: #TheFirstFlight
Diggy's Blog:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Music: Chris Classic x DJ Laser "Lights On"

Recently featured on's Artist Spotlight feature, Chris Classic teams up with DJ Laser and creates "Lights On". Do yourself a favor and LISTEN to the REALLY listen! My dude is spittin some ish :) this will be available for download soon at ... as far as the Soundscan comment, look: (via


Previous MM101 Posts:
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Artist To Watch: Omayga

I'm not sharing this with you because Omayga is my cousin - ahhhh who I am kidding! LOL I'm proud of his new video, so you're damn right I'm sharing with everyone! I never in a million years would have thought rapping was in his future - music, yes, but rapping through me off. He is grinding on his own and again, I'm proud of the outcome of his work soooooooo checkit out :) His drumming skills are off the chain!

Music video for "We Go" ft. Ray off the I Am Not A Hipster mixtape. Hit him at and check out his blog at Like what you hear? Download his P360 Takeover Volume 2 mix-tape dropped last year.

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